tunein up my motobecane

I did somethings to my motobecane that i think was definetly worth my while. in the carb between the jet and the screw on the bottom is another screw thing that i dont think really has a perpose but i took it out and for those ppl that have a 30 mph carb on their motobecanes, i took the screw off the air box and just let the side panel hole it in place. this let more air in and now instead of goin 30 i go 35 sometimes 40! Next im hopin for a polini exaust but i cant find one anywhere.

Re: tunein up my motobecane

Did you do a plug chop ?

.. you'd better .. you could have leaned it out too much .. remember .. 2 strokes run best right before they seize.

(if he comes back and asks what a plug chop is .. somebody else please tell him where the info is)

Re: tunein up my motobecane

i know what a plug chop is

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