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So coming home from the grocery store we see 3 guys are stealing a Vespa. The guy was yelling threats at us while driving by! I am 100% sure at this point that kicking and smashing the scooter on the ground is NOT how you start it. I know that sometimes i feel like doing that to my moped but its usually me doing it not 3 people.

I had to wait on the phone for a minute or two but finally got through to the police. Dispatch informed me that someone else had called. Now this happened 2 blocks from our house. I know it wasn't a moped but I feel pretty good about trying to do something. Not even 5 minutes later cops where here. I think that might be a record! I'm glad to see (or hear) that my neighbors are keeping a look out for people on 2 wheels!

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I dont see why people have so much beef with 2 wheelers. Its immature. "Dont fuck with another mans vehicle". even if it is a scooter.

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ummm...just so i understand...are you calling me immature? :O

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Leon Swarmer /

And thank you , Chuck, for keeping your eyes open and your cell ready despite the threats.

A bit disconcerting about the wait to tell the police though..

I once had a phone line burn as I was calling the fire department. It melted the tail lights on my Chevy.

No other damage at my place.


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So did you stay to see what happened? Did they arrest em?

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good lookin out

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no i didn't stay I have my son (who is 2yrs old). So I want to make sure he was safe. :) We did drive around a few more times to make sue they didn't cut and run!

Re: Stolen process

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

hahahahahahaha, FAIL. Idiots. I would be really curious as to what lock the Vespa owner was using if these brain-trust members couldn't break it.

Re: Stolen process

probably just couldn't turn it on. lol

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