1983 General 5 Star

i was offered a 1983 general 5 star for 60 bucks, has no engine, all rusty but everything else is there besides the engine, is this a good deal, its a sweet lookin moped but i need some opinions, help! thanks

Re: 1983 General 5 Star

here is a picture

Re: 1983 General 5 Star

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Hmm. Hows the tank? Brakes? Cables? The controls are there?

Figure a 2-300 for a motor and everything associated with it (could be done cheaper). Still that needs a decent bit of work. Again you could probably sell the rest of it for more than 60 if you part.

Re: 1983 General 5 Star

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Looks like a pain to say the least..a good amount of work is ahead for that bike. What happened with that mobat?

Re: 1983 General 5 Star

has hydraulic forks and the frame is decent. -it is good if you are looking for a basic chassis for a custom project but otherwise i would ignore it.

Re: 1983 General 5 Star

the guy with the mobat decided to reconsider sellin it because of the high gas prices, which i cant blame him

Re: 1983 General 5 Star

how's the tank? from that angle the forks look bent , There's too much pitting on those forktubes . If you plan on parting it out - good deal . Engine alone will set you too far back to make it costworthy . Lots of media blasting and powdercoating and it could be done but it will cost you in the long run and will probably just sit .

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