Kansas City Rally Website

Hello all,

I devoted some of my web space to the Kansas City Rally this past weekend.

This site is loaded with pictures and videos from the rally.

Check out http://www.somethingplain.com

Be sure to check out the interactive gallery where we can all share photos. Just click on the dog tags and you can upload your photos as well as download mine.

Be patient. It seems to be loading slow right now, but I'm working on that.

Once again: www.somethingplain.com

Thanks to everyone for a great time!

Re: Kansas City Rally Website

WOW...I am totally impressed!!

Re: Kansas City Rally Website

Thanks Chuck. I can't wait for the next ride.

Re: Kansas City Rally Website

Hey I'll try to upload them to your site this evening, or maybe just send them to you in a zipped file. Your mac stuff is not meshing well with my windows crap. I have a folder of edited pictures so the file shouldnt be too large.

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