New to mopeds

Hi, i'm new to this forum and to moped and i had a couple of questions. In california, where to i ride my moped on the streets? For example, if i was to go down to the nearby college (PCC), do i ride on the lanes, the bike lane, the sidewalk?? shrug

Re: New to mopeds

o yea the other question was, i'm only 15, and by the time i get my moped, i'll be 16, so all i need is the dl 44, the pink slip, and a moped course rite?

Re: New to mopeds

nah, im 15 and all you got to do is get the motorized bicycle form from the dmv for six bucks no one checks the age cause there isnt a box for it on there! i ride my puch around all the time through chatsworth, where are you at? jus throw a helmet on and drive sanely and the police dont care, check out the attachment.... Elad

Re: New to mopeds

hah, thats cool, well i'm in pasadena, california. so the neighborhood isnt all that nice. yea but why does the form ask for a california license plate?

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