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I have this extra headlight and turn signals on my puch.... when i was going thru the puch photos i noticed i wasnt the only one the batteries in mine are dead :( does anyone know where i could obtain replacements

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Go to, armed with the number of your battery, and you will find it!

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My bike doesn't have a battery man.. it does have a cat eye.. which isn't working btw.. and turn signals whitch do work. The cat eye thing looks like it is more a reflector.. maybe the lence is just funny.. not sure... the turn lights work fine.. do these thing have there own batter in them? becuas EI dont see an on off switch.. I don't se how it would work.

anyways.. Also while im on lighting subject.. My casal has a light swtich funny thing is its marked Low off and Low.. theres two lows and no high beam... why two lows? yoout htink one is for use with the cat eye and one with jus the headlight? that makes since to me.. maybe the cat eyes bulb is blown.. i ahvn'et looed at it becuase the lighting is enough fro where i ride most times... OOh.. My lights surge bad... not on and off but brighter and dimmer as expected since they are wired to the ignition.. it get brighter at higher rpms.. but almost dead at an idal... and the turn signals takes a few fractions of a second to start working and are slow at lower speeds then faster.. would there be an easy fix to regulate this? I could pick up a batter.. just not sure where i could put one... or how about a small capacitor like one i use for my stereo? If so where would you get a 6 volt capaciter and where would i wire it and yadda yadda.. any help woudl be apreciated its not a huge deal to me.. but if it is a cheap fix might as well hit it.

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i had those on my puch too. they must have been a dealer add-on back in the days. I trashed mine. Too many wires to deal with. I hate messy electrical stuff.

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The battery pack on the old cateyes was a flat 5-pack of nickel cadmium cylindrical cells. The cells appear to be size (4/5)A. I threw my old pack out and don't have the measurements, so if anyone knows the diameter and height of the cells or the overall size of the pack, it would be helpful. can supply a five-pack. The part number would be P-239-F051-ND. You might want to check the size of their pack. It should fit in the cateye. The five cells in series give 6V and 1.1 amp-hour.

I ended up using a 6V, 1 amp-hour Powersonic lead acid gel cell, which is probably cheaper, and mounted it in the side panel of my bike. There is not enough room in the cateye for a gel cell.

The front of the cateye is a reflector, though it looks like a lamp.


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I am interested in the Cat Eye device. Can someone post the link to the image?

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I figured the light was a refeltor up there.. wonder why it is caled Cat Eye.. then.. why not just turn signals controls?

Anyways... My turn signals work with the engine running jsut fine.. they are alittle delayed and pulse accordingly to the engine rpm's .. what the advantage of having a battery in it.. ro is mine a diffren't kind? where does the battery go?

I don't see a pull out tray for one or something like ona remote control?

Help me out here.. what exaxtly are these just add on turn signals?

anyways thanks.. I have them on my ped and teh turn signals work,,. sometimes not becuase they ground to eh frame and they somtimes wiggle a little loose.. but I hav eno clue about the cat eye or the reflector.. what the hell is the reflector for? anyways thanks.

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Do they say cat eye on them? I'm not sure if it's the same company, but when I raced bikes there was a company named cat eye that made cycle computers(speedometers) and headlights and stuff, it could be the same company, just an aftermarket add on.

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no it says Cat eye.. and was a dealer added iteam becuase I have the originaly purchase slip and it said dealer installed cat eye.. and turnsignals.. it cost 60 bucks in 1971 for the addition..

There s a picture of one on my bike floating around the website if you find the straight ahead picture.. try searching for casal picture... it was just added a day or so ago

that cat eye.. looks like an oval shaped box with a reflector on the front of it. I am not sure what the hell this thing does its kind of big to just be a reflector and it is more like a light housing. not just some sort of reflector.

I am not sure.. I know the headlight and turnsignals are wired into this box as well..

Also a note on my light switch box there is 3 positions

Low... Off and Low... this makes no since to me why 2 low's?

you think one of the low was just low headla,p and the other low switch was for low headlamp and the cat eye? and maye the cateye is just not working and that why I can't tell any diffrence? Or perhaps there should be a doublefilmanet bulb and there is only a single? Shit i give up with this cateye thing.. its big and bulky .. can't jsut be a damn reflector.. I might rip the thing off my bike if it is.

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It is a Phaser. Set it to Stun for pedestrians and terminate for cage drivers that cut you off

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The cateye is just an add-on turn signal. The battery is in the oval-shape box and hard-wired. The cover has to be unscrewed to get to the battery. The turn signals work better at idle if a battery is in there. A wire from the headlight switch hotlead recharges the battery.

The reflector on the front is just for safety and to add to the confusion.

I don't have a pic right now, but my unit looks the same as the one on Duck's Casal pic.



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Not sure why there are two low positions for the headlight on your Casal. I don't think it is related to the turn signals.


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A three way rocker switch for the lights that has low at top, off in the middle, and low at the bottom, right? My Puch has the same thing. Both lows simply turn on the lights, theres no difrence between the amount of power going to the bulb. Also the run switch is the same way, off:run:off. it is weird but may prove usefull eventualy.

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my run switch is broken off at the run position so I am not sure about that part.. lol.. since my bike doen'st idle anyways there wasn't a real need for a kill switch I just let off the gas a few seconds.


But the damn light switch having two lows is redcusloy driving me nucking futs!

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