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I recently bought a Demm Smily (I was told it's a 1977), and I have a question about the light/horn switch. There appears to be two setting- LIGHT and LO. I have observed that on the LIGHT setting (to the left), the horn works but the lights do not. On the LO setting (to the right), the front and rear lights come on but the horn does not work. I want someone to confirm that this is how it should be, because at least one of the wires had been cut (I was able to splice it back together, resulting in the rear light, which had previously not worked, now working - on the LO setting).

This leads me to another observation. The speedometer and odometer do not work, and I can only assume that the wires that go to them are also severed or pinched somewhere. Before I tear the wiring apart and look for the problem, can someone please confirm that I'm on the right trail. This is my first moped and I have no mechanical skills, but I'm willing to endure the ridicule of the esoteric ones to get this thing in top shape.


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Other than a light in the speedo, the speedometer is probably mechanically driven by a drive unit on the front wheel. If it is not working the possible causes could be:

1. broken drive unit

2. broken speedo drive cable

3. broken speedo head.

You will have to check them one at a time.

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I have one ,but do not want to go take the switch apart unless i have to. Take the switch off and get a piece of scrap wire and touch it to the handle bars and start touching the other end to each of the wires untill the horn sounds. When the horn sounds, then hook that wire where the horn switch will make contact to the post on the switch. This is from off the top of my head, and i am not looking at this switch, so i hope this makes since. The speedometer drive on the wheel or the speedometer cable might be bad. Remove the speedometer cable from the speedometer and spin the wheel and watch to see if the cable turns. Try to grab the spinning cable to see if it still spins when you are grabing it. If it is not spining remove the speedometer cable from the speedometer drive and see if it is broke. The speedometer cable should have square ends on each end. If you have all of that good, the speedometer drive arm could be bent and not in its hole and once straightend out should be spayed with WD40 and worked loose if it is frooze up.Let me know if this is not clear and/or you need more information.

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Thank you for your responses.

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OK, so I determined that the speedometer cable snapped, and that it broke because the speedometer drive froze up. Now I'm at a loss since I can't get figure out how to open the speedometer. Do I even have to open it to clean up the corrosion? Let me know what I should do. Also, I'd like to find a new cable, if anyone could help me with that.



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Throw it off of a cliff that will get the corrosion off and maybe it will open up your spedo box.

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ditch the speedo..

if your not breaking 30 it doesnt even matter..

and then once you do break 30 you speedo is toast any way cuz it breaks the needle ..

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If the cable broke at the end, you might be able to grind the speedometer cable square and cut the cable housing if needed to shorten it. You may have to reverse the cable and put the drive end to the speedometer end. The speedometer, if like the rest, can not be serviced, except you can lubricate the area where the cable goes in, if it needs it.

demm smily question

kim jensen /

I hear from our Italian breatheren that you can get parts for the Demms over there. Here, no such luck.


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i just got a 1977 demm smily. the guy started it right up and i drove it around for a good 20 mins. then when i brought it home it wouldnt start. how do u start these things? is there a trick or what? thanks jake

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