plug chop?

what the hell is a plug chop?

Re: plug chop?

a plug chop, my friend, is a very awesome thing. check it out . it will change your life. or at least save your ped.

Re: plug chop?

o k i knew how to read my plug i just didnt know that thats what it was called im from south carolina out in the sticks

yeehaa fire that bullet

Re: plug chop?

how far are you from atlanta? you should come down and ride sometime.

Re: plug chop?

a plug chop is a close relative of the pork chop.

mmmm tasty

Just put in a new plug, run at least 1 mile WOT (most of the time 1 mile is not enough) don't idle at all. Look at your spark plug. You want a coffee with a little milk look to the ceramic insulator in the middle.

Re: plug chop?

i pretty far i live above columbia sc

but i did just take my bullet on a 140 mile journy id realy like to get up with some riders

Re: plug chop?

well if you are ever up for a drive, then a ride, and then another drive, we usually have about six or seven people that ride in atlanta.

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