Thank you Breakfast Mafia

Man, what a trip.. The rally was awesome. I'm just now waking up from the drive home.

To the people who weren't there, Denver rolled up an hour or so after dark, with a dead bus and a serious and urgent need for alcohol.

We got to park at Chuck and Matt's house. Grits and Andrew were waiting for us there. Unloaded, kicked the peds over, and we were rolling through KC.

Sad that we missed the music at that club, but that we all got free cigs made the 20min there worth it. I think Willie ended up with a full carton by the end of this trip.

The next place, the Lava room, is my new favorite bar. Gary (that was the owner's name, right?) was nothing but awesome to every last one of us the entire time. Drink specials, afternoon breakfast.. It's rare to be welcomed into a place like that so readily.

All I ask for when I come to a rally is a 6x2' space of something to pass out on. A sofa bed, in a house with A/C, with showers, is a fucking score.

And having the morning ride start at a bar with a good bloody mary, and breakfast is brilliant. I do appalogise for being a bit trashed for most of the ride, but I was trying to cram a lot of drinking into that one day we had there.

There were frequent ride stops, only one major breakdown that I saw (lolciao..), and aside from that time the wind hit us from what could only be a water treatment plant, it was a very pleasant time.

Then more free shit! Dude, if I didn't wear glasses, I'd be all over these goggles. The jousting was also neat, but mostly just because of the mass of gravel you needed to stop on right after.

And then we fixed the bus.

Matt, I can't say enough about how thankful I am for your help. Your 3ton jack, your tools, your knowledge. l really can't say enough.

Mad crazy props to John from IRE (damn, I really hope I remembered your name). Your knowledge of old Ford drum brakes saved us.

Basiclly, we had the automatic adjuste assembly in one of our rear drums like, shear off and grind around inside. It was ugly, and with dulies it was hard to get to. John, Matt, and our own Rick were able to fix it, along with my frequent trips to the super shady parts store.

Then there was more party, followed by Chuck cooking some awesome 3AM food for us on her back porch. Biscuts, something with sausage, some potatoes, eggs, all of it was great... I don't remember a lot of it, but I woke up ontop of the bus the next morning with a smile on my face.

The next day was more bus fixing, as Matt helped Stoops put a belt on for our alternator, which we'd lost at some point.. (we're buying a new bus piece by piece these days).

Chuck showed up just before we left with an awesome package of food, water, little juice thingies, and the marshmallows that entertained us for quite some time on the way home.

I was sad to leave, and I'll be back there next year for sure.

Thank you Chuck, for all the time you put into this. I felt welcome wherever we went, and all the free stuffs you hooked us up with at every stop was super sweet.

Matt, thanks for being awesome, and lending us your tools and knowledge. I haven't forgot most of the things you told me to look into fixing, and I do plan on acting on them.

Andrew and Grits, thanks for keeping us all together, you make a great lead/chase team.

I'd also like to say that everyone from IRE was totally rad, and that if we have enough cash, we'll try to get to your town this year too.

It was a great time, in all. Not a single official MA member there, but it felt just like the other two rallies I've been to.

Anywho.. I'm gona go find some food now, I think my body's ready for solids again...

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

this was more like a kc. denver, st. louis meet and greet.

I was good meeting all you good denver folk.


Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

toe fur threadkiller /

thank you, KCMO, for your efforts in getting me there.

i am sad that we were thwarted at every turn.

see you in sioux falls?

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

yes we will be there....topher I have made you a miller lite bag of goodies! Cassie (the rep for miller lite) was a little sad and disappointed that she did not get to see the drink off! I think (and i might be wrong) St louis is meeting us here and then we are traveling to denver we are all traveling together at that point for the rally! I think...i could be wrong:).

Thank you everyone for coming to KC!!

When we do roll through Denver I want go to Angelo's Pizza on washington st. i worked there back in the day! Love their pasta!

I'll see if my friend can hook us up on hotel rooms super cheap for the weekend!! If you guys are in let me know....cause I have to start doing that request now!

I need more photos:)!! I'll work on stuff later...I am still all exhausted argh...

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

The Ruckus guys did show up at the after party....except we all left

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

toe fur threadkiller /

tell cassie to come with you to sioux falls.

i'll more than make up for my absence, i expect.

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

he he he i'll tell her! wE WISHED YOU WHERE HERE TOPHER....aT ONE POINT gARY MADE PBRS $1 for those who had Mopeds!

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

toe fur threadkiller /


i like pbr.

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

Lava Room is very supportive of the moped in KC! Gary is AWESOME! Once again....THanK YOU EVERYONE!!!

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

argh!!! stupid hyperlink! :)

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

someone left their pillow here...I'll bring it with me in September

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

Can't say thanks enough.

The Breakfast mafia put on a great rally, truly great.

Amazing organization, all sorts of swag, good maps, great communication, food, beverages, places to stay, the list goes on and on, and ever aspect of it was on point. And the ride, wow, what to say; it was just real fun, couple of keys stops, lots of twist and turns, good scenery, very few breakdowns and no children left behind.

The turn out was awesome, especially for not having one single "official branch" show up.

I.R.E. was a pleasure to meet, you guys are more then welcome out here any time, and you can bet the spokes will be trying real hard to make it your way some time in the future.

Chuck, Matt, Zen, Atticus, and that dude on the computer/couch; your hospitality will not be forgotten, you were very gracious hosts and house was a heavenly oasis in the hot Midwestern days. I hope we can return the favor.

Special thanks to Dylan from KS, without that jet and power bar I wouldn't have had the power to blast like I did, you helped make the ride that much more fun, I owe ya one.

Also mad props to the 13 year old girl who rode the whole rally near the front of the pack, way to be; not only that but she was the first one to try the Joust on a ped (having never ridden one handed before) and even after eating it in front of the whole group she just got up and brushed it off like it was nothing, it was awesome.

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

This was my first moped event. I def. plan on trying to go out west. I might even go to STL this weekend and meet up with the IRE peeps. I think that its super cool that the midwest people came out for a good time. Now that we have some faces and names it will be much easier to talk and associate with eachother at the next event.

I am down for the next event. I got everything but the ride to tow my ped. Hell I might event have one of those super sweet pinto 2.7 and 3/4s. :D

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

_Hell I might event have one of those super sweet pinto 2.7 and 3/4s_

No, no you won't...


Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

Breakfast Mafia, you threw a kick ass rally for sure. We were bummed that I.R.E. made it there so late and missed the meet and greet. Our bad there. We meant to leave at like 3...but didn't get out of town until 7.

Spokesmen, it was awesome to get to know you guys better. I met a few of you at Kzoo, but there were so damn many people there that we didn't get to talk or ride much together.

Topher, we definitely missed you man. I can't say I'm upset about not going to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, but it would've been kick ass if you were there. I didn't even get the Moby, but another I.R.E. dude did.

Kevin, come to St. Louis whenever you want. Let me know if you're coming this weekend.

We are definitely planning to go to Buffalo Boys in September, and we're planning our own rally for November.

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

Derek, I really like the pintos and I was just giving you shit. I thought I even heard that you were going to try and get a 1, 2, and 3 sitting next to eachother. Im new to moped styles and such but I really liked the handlebars and stance of it.

Ill be in STL this weekend and plan on coming on Sunday before I head back. My parents live in the burbs so Ill just call when I am in town, if you guys wanna meet other than just at the help session. I wont have my guzzi there but Ill still show just to see what else you guys got lying around. I still want to see this VW in person too.

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

Are there rally pics?

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

"8 pages of photos here":

Kevin, I'm not sure I'll be free to chill/ride on Saturday. Sunday is always moped day. You know how to get to Fort Hinrichs? We start fixin' around noon. We ride later unless people really get into projects. There is always beer, and we take advantage of Rally's 69 cent Sundays... But really, we should just BBQ ourselves... When are you taking off back to KC?

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

Robin - no worries, i wish you luck in your quest for a pinto.

I will have that picture taken, I've already got the bikes, now I just need to finish up the Pinto3. Just wait until I come out with #4, it'll be the hotness.

I'd consider it "cafe" style.

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

So Derek, school me on pintos. They have already made a 1, 2 and 3 and are coming out with a 4? Or you have branded them due to your modificaions. Are they rare, Im guessing hard to find by your comment. I really like the "cafe" style in mopeds and motorcycles.

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

They made a Pinto and Pinto2, the Pinto3 and 4 are my own adaptations of Pintos. Swingers and some model Kromags are basically the same. Pinto's are the best of the bunch other then the swinger1, responsible john will disagree but that's just cause he only has swingers.

Not too hard to find, but harder then a Maxi.

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

sorry i couldnt make it, i was still filling up with money from kzoo because my job was lame and fired me so i had no money and am finally making it back up ther, but i bought a magnum yesterday so im happy as a clam

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

you hate magnums! why'd you buy one?

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

Derek, thats cool. I will be sure to be on the look out for one. I think the shiny front forks on yours made it stand out. I also liked the wide wheels which give it a sporty look.

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

argh...i am still exhausted....why...why why....

Thank you everyone for coming...can't wait till September & November!

Re: Thank you Breakfast Mafia

sounds like a good time.. nice job chuck & KC sunshine!

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