gas-impervious gasket sealer

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From the subject-line, you probably know where I'm going w/ this... All I need for my motorcycle carbs is 2 bowl gaskets. I'd rather not spend $40 on 2 carb rebuild kits just for the 2 gaskets. I'm thinking there has to be some gasket sealer that won't react/dissolve with gas. I've read that silicon sealer WILL dissolve in gas. Does anyone know of the product I'm looking for?


Mike (MA)

Re: gas-impervious gasket sealer


You might want to look for neoprene impregnated paper. Most autoparts places carry it to fabricate hard to find gaskets. Usually it's called rubber impregnated but it "should" state on the wrapper that it's safe for gasoline. It comes in 12" x 12" sheets and larger rolls. Should only cost a couple of $'s. Give it a try maybe.


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