OT: Registering a moped in GA

i know you dont need to, but i am just wondering if anyone has. is it even possible? i'm going to be taking a trip all round the country in october and kind of want to reduce my chances of getting fucked with or having my ped impounded in some other state. i have heard that you only have to be legal in the state you are liscensed in, is this true in every state? the people at the dmv are of absolutely no help. big surprise. thoughts?

Re: OT: Registering a moped in GA

also, this is where i'm going and i want to try to ride with as many people as possible in as many places as possible. if you live where i'm going, we should totally ride.

October, 24

St. Louis, Missouri

October, 25 2008

Minneapolis, Minnesota

October, 26 2008

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

October, 27 2008

Chicago, Illinois

October, 28 2008

Toronto, Ontario -

October, 29 2008

Montreal, Quebec -

October, 30 2008

Boston, Massachusetts

October, 31 2008

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

November, 1 2008

Richmond, Virginia

November, 8 2008

Atlanta, Georgia

November, 11 2008

New Orleans, Louisiana

November, 12 2008

Houston, Texas

November, 13 2008

Austin, Texas

November, 14 2008

Dallas, Texas

November, 15 2008

Lawrence, Kansas

November, 16 2008

Denver, Colorado

November, 17 2008

Murray, Utah

November, 19 2008

Seattle, Washington

November, 20 2008

Portland, Oregon

November, 21 2008

San Francisco, California

November, 22 2008

,Los Angeles, California

Re: OT: Registering a moped in GA

you have some air miles left?

Re: OT: Registering a moped in GA

not exactly. workin. workin hard.

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