Chain question LB50 chappy vs LB80

Does anyone have an LB50 Chappy side by side with an

LB80 Chappy?

My LB50 needs a chain for really heavy use. The original on is likely still on the LB50 with close to 6,000 miles.

I have found two versions of an LB80 chain. The difference

being one chain is longer, the other shorter because the

are two different rear sprockets, one with more teeth and one with less.

It would be a piece of cake to just buy a chain and put it on,

rather then go to a farm store such as tractor supply and

buy a 10 foot chain and cut to the right length.

I have bought chains in the past at farm stores and saved a bundle back in pre internet days. Supposedly the chains are different then motorcycle chains but always looked alike and worked fine for me.



Re: Chain question LB50 chappy vs LB80

if it works it works. if it doesn't, u probably don't want to try. and tractor chain if the right type to fit on your moped should be heavy enuf to hold up for another 6k miles

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