Kansas City Moped Rally Video (5+ minutes) KC

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Another great rally put together by the Breakfast Mafia. Cool rally pack with a great map of the route. Again, Chuck and crew did a great job putting it all together. Nice long ride and good places to stop. Too bad it was soooo hot. Some people like rallies for the rides and others like rallies for the other activities. They had both well-represented. Again, kudos to all that helped.

The video is just all of my clips and pictures stuck together. I do more videos than pictures so there aren't many pics in it but there are a few. The guy zooming by is on some type of highly modified old scoot. We also had some guys show up on their old Harley Davidson Toppers. Those were pretty cool - like a refrigerator with wheels.

Re: Kansas City Moped Rally Video (5+ minutes) KC

Awesome vid!

Looks like the rally really rocked!

The water jets scene was soooooo cool!

Wish we had one of those in Boston!

Re: Kansas City Moped Rally Video (5+ minutes) KC

awesome:) When did you guys get Ice Cream??

Re: Kansas City Moped Rally Video (5+ minutes) KC

bryan, did you ever get that pinto and peugeot?

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