new to the world questions on puch moped

Hi everyone. So, heres the rundown just got my first moped off my neighbor its a Puch Maxi luxe 1HP the only reason i know this is the covers and vin plate say so. the throttle cable was broke when i got it i was able with dumb luck to get the right part from ebay. my first question is what year is my moped the vin plate says manufactured in 1977 does this mean its a 77 or a 78? if it helps the vin# is 9418218. Next question the filler plug on the side of the engine how do i check the level of the MYSTERY fluid thats right i have no clue what is in there or what to top it off with. How much should be in there if i drain it. Any and all help for the newby is gratefully accepted.


new to the world questions on puch moped

You have a 1977. The mystery fluid is Type F Auto Transmission Fluid. You just fill it to the top of the screw hole or thereabouts. If you want, there is a drain plug on the bottom of the engine and you can drain out the old fluid and replace with fresh - it only takes a few ounces, so a qt of Type F will last a while.

Some handy items;

You can go here to get copies of service and parts manuals for your Puch. Don't be concerned that is says '80-'81 - they'll work, and they're free!


There is a ton of info on the Wiki here on Moped Army. The E-50 Rebuilding Guide is a great picture view of the engine (E-50 is what you have) so that you'll see what's inside - nothing to be afraid of!

Welcome, and good luck!

Re: new to the world questions on puch moped

A Lesson in being too descriptive:

Me dials 740-455-0700

_ring ring_

Operator: "Zanesville police department, what is your emergency?"

Me: "Hi, My name is Tommy Eschuk, somebody stole my Moped the other day and I found out where it was."

Operator: "Do you have proof of ownership?"

Me: "I have the Bill of Sale"

Me: Types up a bill of sale on Microsoft Word, prints it out, has a friend of mine get it notarized with me at a bank

Operator: "Ok Sir can you Describe the Vehicle for me?

Me: "It's a 1977 Puch Maxi Luxe, it's dark like green. The Vin number is 9418218."

Operator: "Ok and Where's It Located?"

Me: "Well this guy was bragging on a chatroom, his name is Bobby Householder, he said he stole it from me and he was going to paint it something else."

Operator: "Ok We're reporting that VIN as stolen, We'll have a police officer out to help you shortly"

Me: "Thank You, Godspeed"

Re: new to the world questions on puch moped

Yes its a 77.

You're in luck n00b, puch bikes are the easiest to get parts for it seems.

And there should be gear oil in this cap.

Re: new to the world questions on puch moped

The screw type plug on the right side of the engine is for the transmission, and it takes type F automatic transmission fluid (according to factory specs). Fill it to the top of the plug level.

Re: new to the world questions on puch moped

Type F transmision fluid only, no other transmision fluid is as good as type F for a Puch.This moped is designed to go 20 mph and may have a restrictor in the cylinder intake that can be pullled out with a long stud bolt, two nuts, two washers, and a pipe slightly wider than the intake opening.If you are not into engine repair, it is best not to do this, because a moped that will do 20 mph is beter than a moped that will not run at all.

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