first real ride... long story

i just got my moped running two days ago, it's a 78' garelli w/ 70 polini, 21mm dell and proma gp, i only rode it for a few minutes at a time the first two days. then today my friend kris and i, who has a similar set up, decided to go for a good long ride and it was very eventful. so we take off from yuba city and head out to the buttes(the smallest mountain range in the u.s.) about half way there we saw a badass late 50's motor boat, looks like an old police boat, and my buddy bought it for $300, and the old man told us a story about the crazy lady who used to own it, i guess she wrestled a deer once and killed it with a knife. then we get out to the buttes and were taking this big turn going like 40 and kris' seat practically falls off, the bolt that holds it on fell off somewhere, so we fix it with some wire. then on the way home kris pulls up next to me and tells me to stop cause he said he saw a bolt or something fly off my bike and it hit him in the chest(going like 50mph), but everything looked ok so we kept going, about 10 mins later i ran out of gas and kris pulled up to me and there was a big perfectly outlined grease mark on his shirt. i say "what the hell is that? it looks like the washer to my front sprocket." i look at my sprocket and the bolt and big thick washer are gone. so, kris puts some gas in my tank from his fuel line and i limp into sutter which is still 15-20 mins from yuba and then i run out again. so kris pushes me with his foot on the back of my seat for about 3 miles to the gas station. well we finally made it home and everything went pretty well. the whole trip was around 50 miles. pretty good start for my moped which gave me nothing but trouble for the last 4 months.

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did you skip the break-in period? confused

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That is what the 50 mile ride was.

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.. i only cruised between 1/2 - 3/4 throttle.

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Your story states you were going 50 mph, about 35mph over the break in speed. Even if this was for a small distance, that is to fast while break in is going on.

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Yeah that speed confused me. And how did you ride with nothing keeping your front sprocket on?

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who breaks in at 15 mph?

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Polinis like to be broken in hard and with plenty of short spurts at WOT!

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is it just me, or is this story almost jibberish sounding? It's like someone did a Mad Lib and just inserted the names of parts randomly... front sprocket falls off causing him to run out of gas? That's like saying you blew a condenser and as a result both tires went flat.

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@Patrick: Where did you get that idea?

Break in only means that you don't run the same RPM for a long period of time. Avoiding high RPMs is not recommended as you can make a cylinder lazy or build up a wall of debris at the top.

How I break in my kits (Never seized one):

Mount it with plenty of oil on the piston and cylinder.

Mix around 30:1 jet rich.

Start the engine. Let it idle for 2 minutes or so.

Start riding it. Keep it in low revs while it's cold.

After 10 or 15 minutes of so, ride it like you stole it.

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oh shit. am i in trouble?

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where exactly does it say that the nut and washer flying off my front sprocket caused me to run out of gas? and for the guy wondering about how my front sprocket stayed on.... the chain! and have you ever seen where the front sprocket is on a garelli? it's a pretty tight squeeze, the chain would hit the case before the sprocket could fall off, it could slide off the teeth on the shaft but it wouldn't fall off.

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WTF is a break-in speed?

Most breakin's discuss limitations on RPM, or throttle position... not Speed... as Speed would definitely vary from setup to setup...

Breakin = Avoid long runs at the same RPM... As long as you do that, you're fine :D

Sounds like a rad adventure!

I wish we had some mountainy areas to ride around in... !

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Hey Roald!

That's how I do it!

I'm half Dutch.. maybe that explains it! :D

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Chris said Yuba City... That town is as flat as a pool table. Yes Sutter Buttes is the world's smallest mountain range, but the road circles the bottom where it is flat and smooth.

I live up in Penn Valley about 30 miles from the Buttes and we have wee little hills... in fact I always wonder what guys mean when they say their bikes cruise at 45 mph. I don't have any flat level places to test my bike out here... I go up to 40 or so mph, but that is downhill.... lots different from Yuba City, Marysville flat. Their biggest hill is the bridge over the river!


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ya.. it's pretty flat here.. the road around the buttes is fun though, there's a couple little rollers and good turns.

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