The Violin Thread

It seems to me that a lot of people who frequent this here board need to vent. They've got a lotta pent up...something inside and so they take it out on other members in silly ways by trying to start little mini-battles on the internet. Why this is I will never understand, but it happens so I'm here to propose a solution: The Violin Thread.

If you need to bitch, moan, cry, make a sarcastic joke, badmouth, whatever, just do it here. If we feel like reading it we will. Afterall, the threads where someone's crying over something absurd are some of the most fun to read. So here you go folks, let the experiment BEGIN!

Re: The Violin Thread

this is absurd.

Re: The Violin Thread

my dick is too large and i cant stop getting blowjobs from beautiful women.

Re: The Violin Thread

Ben Van Zoest /

This damn site already is loaded with soo much crap it's hard to answer a genuine question...

Re: The Violin Thread

Leon Swarmer /

Violins don't have threads. They have strings. and they aren't even small...There , was that a whine???

Re: The Violin Thread

I ordered the wrong size tires and I'm fucking angry because of it.


Re: The Violin Thread

I Knew a women who I found out was a nymphomaniac

in undergraduate school. As first it was enjoyable,

but over time I could not get a good nights sleep. She

would wake me up every three hours "you can do it again"

And that was just during the night. During the day getting to classes became a challenge.

The department chairman in my major knew who she was,

and put 2 and 2 together. Why I was looking haggard and tired.

Eventually she became angry and left, never to return when I had no choice but to put her off to maybe 5 or 6 times a day to do papers, and prepare for exams.


Re: The Violin Thread

Things that piss me off (in no particular order):






Hotmail email addresses

23 year olds


No sense of humor

It's _not_ about the $20. It's about integrity. What else is gonna separate us from the animals?

Gene Simmons is boning Shannon Tweed.

A _used_ pair of OEM pipes for a '71 Honda CB350 goes for $380 on eBay. WTF?

Having to circumcise my newborn son just so we could get a diaper on him.

All these fucking campaign signs that are _still_ out five days after the local elections.

Good folks that leave this site because they get tired of the bullshit.

Gimme time. I've got more.

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