Buying Mopeds off Ebay?


There are no mopeds for sale in my area(they are sold out). Has anybody bought one off of Ebay? Would you recommend it?

<url=>I found some here.</url>

Re: Buying Mopeds off Ebay?

Bill James /

<url=>"I found some here."</url>

Re: Buying Mopeds off Ebay?

It will cost alot to ship a whole moped, but you can buy a frame for about $60 shipped and and engine that will run for $100-$120 shipped, you get the idea.People will tend to rip you off on $10 or less, so remember to buy over $10 worth from a seller.

Re: Buying Mopeds off Ebay?

I bought 3 mopeds on eBay, all of them were disappointments. I made good on them but Craig's list has always made me happier.

Re: Buying Mopeds off Ebay?

sir thaddeusforemen /

i bought my 50v off of ebay, kinda disappointed but it was only 50 bucks! haha, i got a 50 for 50. =]

Re: Buying Mopeds off Ebay?

i bought this on ebay not too long ago. been sitting in a basement for 12+ years. never registered. no rust. $400 bucks to me. not too bad. just gotta do very good research and good communication with a seller. he was mechanically inclined so got it running good and sold it to me

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