mixing 2 stroke and premium

I just put premium in for the first time to see what difference it makes. It definatly runs more smoothly. My question is that I m not seeing much smoke in my exhaust like i did when i used regular. Do i have to premix more oil if i run premium?

Re: mixing 2 stroke and premium

if you do it kinda ruins the purpose of 92,93 octane.

the oil lowers it with the more you put in

Re: mixing 2 stroke and premium

Everyone on here will tell you it doesn't matter what kind of gas you get at the pump because there is about a gallon left in the pump from the last guy so you just get whatever he got.

Re: mixing 2 stroke and premium

Just use regular gas, premix in a seperate container at 40:1, and everything will be fine. Peace, Jerry.

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