questions about MA website

Back when MA was first started was there a certain linking feature (besides the love of mopeds) that connected the group together? I'm thinking it was a group of friends all of a certain age.

How has the experience changed with more people signing up at MA?

Has the experience changed now that there is a mixture of older and younger people?

Have you collected some "crazy" people on the website over the years?

Has it become more serious or less serious here at the website?

Does it feel like there is more of a hardcore following or it has become somewhat diluted.

Re: questions about MA website

Far as i know it was the Decons, the first moped army chapter.So basicly it is true the way you thought it to have started.Now it is all over the USA and most points of the globe.We are all one family, except those who will not tolerate the mental ill members of the family, the trolls.There is a slight feud between MOPED ARMY and Moped Riders, a website similar to MOPED ARMY.In any family you will have crazy members.This is a laid back website, and Moped Riders are serious, that might be part of the reason of the feud. I am not about feuding, so i am not in the feud, just wanting you to know that there was at on time and might still be a feud.San Francico is known for there hi performance mopeds, and if you are not hi performanced, you might as well stay at home, so i give them the award on being most talked about for that reason.

Re: questions about MA website

Dude i looked at your profile and you are a moped army onto yourself! Nice collection.

Re: questions about MA website

There's a lot of history in the wiki, and I think there are some links to a few early newspaper articles in there as well (if not, try the "resources" tab up at the top there.)

I haven't been here long enough to know how it has changed, but yeah, we've definitely had some crazy people. It is both hardcore and diluted. The people who are hardcore are hardcore. The people who aren't hardcore will give up on their mopeds or on this site, hence diluting the group.

Re: questions about MA website

§ćŗάτçλmªřċ • /

the only linking features i know of are at the top of the website...

there may be a change coming that could radically alter everyone's perception/experience, but that's wishful thinking i suppose...

until then, have a nice trip or whatever.


ps: i hope this answered your questions, better ones can probably be found by mixing 1/4 crank kick with 3/4 throttle twist, give or take.

Re: questions about MA website

This post smells like..


Re: questions about MA website

cool thanks for the info.



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