Need to make copy of my QT50 key

Hi. I only have one key to my QT50. Want to make a backup. Been to home depot, Ace hardware, and others. They don't have the blanks. My local Yamaha dealer is a jerk and doesn't want to place an order through Yamaha for such a small non profit part. My locksmith can make a copy, but he needs a blank. Where can I purchase a blank? My key has the number 4601 on it. Please help. Thanks.

1985 Yamaha QT50 moped

Re: Need to make copy of my QT50 key

go to your local locksmith...they should be able to order a key blank from ILCO. Different key blanks have different minimum quantities so they might need to order 10 at a time or something, they will probably want you to pay for all ten. Key blanks are usually pretty cheap, sell the other ones on here or ebay or something.

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