Jesus makes good wine.

"But this smells of badly made whine":

click it.

Re: Jesus makes good wine.

WOW what a fucking douche bag you are. I emailed you this and gave you tons of info.

When you bought the ped i threw in a 15mm del intake and carb, i gave you the fly wheel puller that i could be using right now. You want to piss on my name becuase of a fucking BOS.

Rob you may be 33 but you sure don't act it. I sold you the ped. Helped you carry it down the 3 flight of stairs that i had to carry it up by my self, gave you the intake, carb and fly wheel puller and you want to piss and moan about it. I sent you the email like a month ago about the BOS and the fax you never responded figured you would forget it.

BTW his ethical attorney is his wife

OH YEAH don't say thanks for the 45 mins i spent help you loading it into your element. Way to be a man ROB

Never got an email from you back when i sent that one and you post it on here. HAHAHAHA

As Ian if i'm a good guy, or jen, or james, or umm iono anyone i've ever sold shit too.

Re: Jesus makes good wine.


fucking intergrity huh mister rob. Way to put a private email on a forum to slander my name. Ask your wife about being sued over slander. I wouldn't bother doing that cuz you look the fool here.

But way to a hypocrite i think every one has called you that already. Douche bag (best word ever)

Just reread my other post i mention the same thing like 3 times haha

Re: Jesus makes good wine.

BTW tell your wife i'm filing a claim for slander :)

Re: Jesus makes good wine.

***Kim Jong illest*** /


truley a mans man.

are you sure it wasnt his wifes car? the only dudes i see in elements either have rainbow stickers on back or are blue album weezer lookalikes

Re: Jesus makes good wine.

***Kim Jong illest*** /

if ever there was evidence of mopeds becoming a lame trend, loading one into an element is the smoking gun.

Re: Jesus makes good wine.

Lil MotoGuzzi Vert /

"Which honesty doesn’t exist on amongst the Mopedarmy forum, obliviously."

You're an idiot. "obvious" and "oblivious" are too different words. How does your lawyer wife let you get away with butchering the English language?

Bandwagon... Jumped.

Re: Jesus makes good wine.

toe fur threadkiller /

"whatsoever" is one word.

and mike is solid.

and you suck.

have a drink and get the fuck over it.

Re: Jesus makes good wine.

mc chris is always rappin about the element.

he crazy.

Re: Jesus makes good wine.


You yourself emailed me about your plan to make a fake bill of sale with a friend in order to get you're moped registered, and if you deny that I will go your way (no homo) and post emails. Even if you had a bill of sale it wouldn't get you anywhere so stop getting so asshurt over this.


Re: Jesus makes good wine.

I like rainbow stickers!

Re: Jesus makes good wine.


Re: Jesus makes good wine.

its getting me a damn good laugh

Re: Jesus makes good wine.



This thread is making me laugh harder and harder evey time I see it with a new post.

yeah dude, Mikes a stand up guy.

I went out and bought a caio from him.

Exactly like it was stated.

Those three flights of stairs werent fun but come on.

two people and a 80 pound bike is cake.


You got a ton of free shit and a good deal.

Mike, as to you, hats off for dealing with this.

Thanks again, hope to be down to ride with you all when i get the ciao rippin

Re: No integrity what so ever!


Through in extra parts? I paid extra $25 for those parts. I can tell you it's not a 15mm carb try a corroded 14.12 that is worthless.

Thanks for the puller and the intake they did come in handy!

If you didn't help carry it down the stairs we would be in this situation because I would have just left. By the way, I thanked you then and how many times would you like to be thanked?

Also the whole time I was there was under 30mins.

You stated twice, in email, you would fax it but that is water under the bridge.

Last time I’m done.

Truly yours,

The Douche Bag

Re: Jesus makes good wine.

Not going to deny it, I told you YOU can do that with a friend. I stress YOU CAN!. I also told you to check the vin to make sure it was clean.

BTW: No hurting here this whole thing I find funny!

Re: Jesus makes good wine.

Purely comical.

If you can't cary a 70 to 80 pound bike down some stairs alone, why do you own it.

Fuck, I've ridden a moped down a flight of stairs.

Re: No integrity what so ever!

Will somebody please drive a wooden stake through the heart of this thread and let it die a long painful miserable death!

Re: No integrity what so ever!

Legal action? Are you kidding me. That is the last shit that you should do... A BOS doesn't really mean shit. It's not a legal document. Possibly if both signatures are notorized it will mean something, but won't change what you gotta do to get a title. To get a title you must take the bike to an inspection place, they will run the Vin to make sure it isn't stolen, double check that it looks legit to the best of their knowledge and get you a title. It doesn't even cost anywhere near 200. More like 50 bucks with plates...

Re: No integrity what so ever!

Chris you don't live in Illinois

Re: No integrity what so ever!

You're right, but a BOS isn't a legal document and doesn't prove ownership for either party... Not in any state.

Re: No integrity what so ever!

I.R.E. Mike Pee /
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