Good source for Puch bulbs.

I don't know if you all already know about this guy already, but on the off chance that some don't.. here it is. I found him looking for Puch pictures on Google images. He only sells one thing...Puch bulbs. I got a full set of bulbs, head light, speedometer, and both tail lights for $8.33 cents shipping included to California. Extremely fair and with quick shipping I you ask me. I thought this might help someone out. Bulbs have been a constant pain for me to find, and shipping on small parts always seems to be so outrageous.

Re: Good source for Puch bulbs.

Is that your choice of the small headlight bulb, the round sealed beam headlight bulb, or the retangular headlight bulb?I have many NOS Puch Speedometer bulbs, but i never thought how much to sell them for each.

Re: Good source for Puch bulbs.

i know this guy had been on not too long ago advertising this site.

seems pretty legit.

Re: Good source for Puch bulbs.

I can get headlight, taillight, and brake light bulbs at autozone, haven't checked for speedo bulbs though. Joe

Re: Good source for Puch bulbs.

I wasn't claiming that you couldn't get them anywhere else. But every time I bought bulbs at the auto parts places they were about 3.50. The speedometer bulb is a bit trickier to find. I needed the speedometer, and one tail light bulb so I bought the set, that way I would have some spares when they pop during a night ride (like they always do). I've just been disappointed in the past with Handy bikes, and 1977 when it comes to shipping.

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