Boston Globe Article on Mopeds..

Not necessarily pedal type but concerning parking laws and registration/legal issues...

"Check it out!":

Re: Boston Globe Article on Mopeds..

Great article!

Re: Boston Globe Article on Mopeds..

I'm sending out a master list of kitted/tuned mopeds that go over 30mph to every law enforcement official and every registry in the state. With any luck, everybody's mopeds will be confiscated and my 25mph batavus will be king of the streets. RAT RAT RAT RAT RAT RAT RAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Boston Globe Article on Mopeds..

very good article. one thing that still confuses me, though. i know i can pass on the right if a vehicle is in the travel lane of a street. BUT, does that mean i can legalls pass a line of cars on the right if theyre stopped at a light? thats what i always do, and i now fear that im going to be pulled over for this.

also, why do i get the feeling we're all going to get stopped a million times on monday?

Re: Boston Globe Article on Mopeds..

It shouldn't be illegal, because if you are allowed to travel in the bicycle lane, as the article states, then this is what bicycles that are in the bicycle lane do all the time at a light with a long line of cars. Just take a look around when approaching the hams, no problems.

Re: Boston Globe Article on Mopeds..

thats what i would think. but a lot of times when im passing on the right, its not a marked bike lane - theres just a bit of space between the shoulder of the road, or parked cars and the cars that are stopped. i NEVER travel between two lanes of cars though. the way the published laws are stated, its kind of confusing, because they dont just say 'you can pass on the right,' instead its Mopeds may keep right when passing a motor vehicle which is in the travel lane of a way, which i get the feeling is purposely written in half-legalese.

Re: Boston Globe Article on Mopeds..

also, the rmv needs to learn the different between 'that' and 'which.'

Re: Boston Globe Article on Mopeds..

hahaha, youre' right jay. I figure that even when there is no bike lane.....drivers are supposed to be conscience of bicycles on their right. In Cambridge for instance, it being bicylce friendly and all. Even if there is no lane, everyone knows that bikes could be and will be on your right. Anyway, sorry to hear about your spill......stupid small dogs.....I hate small dogs!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to ride soon, by the way, that new ped you got.....the classic looking one......AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Boston Globe Article on Mopeds..

Ugh. Plastic chinese scooter idiots are gonna screw it up for all of us right before they explode in a pile of parts.

moped people need a little educational lobby.

my town has idiots selling plastic scooters under a big sign that says "40 mph" and just giving em out like dinner mints.

Idiots are all over the road.

ive been saying plastic scooters are gonna screw us all up.

Mopeds with licence plates. Welcome to mass and your future.

Time to grab those 50cc kits up while ya can lol

Re: Boston Globe Article on Mopeds..

The person who wrote this does not know the difference between a moped and a scooter.When they talked about a scooter in the article , they used the word Vespa. In reality, most of what this article is refering to, if not all, is scooters being looked at by the police, under moped laws. Most scooters will do around 35- 40 mph, thus showing that the law is ment for a moped that will do 25 mph and not a scooter.

Re: Boston Globe Article on Mopeds..

Yeah...Dr. Moped. This guy, Peter, who wrote the article fucked it up bigtime. I wrote to the Globe pointing out the misinformation.

25mph limit to scooters? Does this guy realize how dumb that is? Most scooters are 40+....many 50+.

I invited the Globe to come down to Moped Wednesday at The Otherside and learn the difference. Would be great PR for Khz.

After my run in with the Po-Po in Fresh Pond last Thursday....looks like I'm just going to get my M1 and register my little rocketships as motorcycles.


End of story.

But.....means I'd have to end riding in the bike lane, which I fucking love.

Re: Boston Globe Article on Mopeds..

Need insurance, take the $300 cycle class.

Would you have to put turn signals on the bike? Is there an inspection for cycles?

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