which one?

which one would you get?


looking for a ped that i can get farely cheap.

i want it to not be a shame if i strip it and get it powder coated...

the plan is for me to get a ped. get it powder coated (pink). pipe it. work out the kinks. and give it to mom as a christmas


Re: which one?

i would get the puch. one of the hondas would be pretty good to. those have many parts available. Anyone of those but the JAWA would be great.

Re: which one?

puch all the way

Re: which one?

avoid the jawa like the plague

Re: which one?

þλ†Я¡¢k §¡§ΩИ /

TORO dood..no question! 3speed! Electric start!! What more can you ask for?!?!

Re: which one?

The bullet, one of the maxi's or a hobbit would be a good choice. Of course now that you posted a link they're all going to get a lot more bids.

Re: which one?

first chioce, any of the three Puchs, 2nd choice 95 Tomos,3rd choice Honda Hobit if it is a PA50II, forth choice Honda moped if it has a PA50II engine,5th choice 84 Tomos, 6th choice Jawa, 7th choice red Motobecane, 8th choice yellow motobecane, all that is left would be for resale, and i would not want to pay much over $50 for each one of them that is in 9th place and on.

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