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Hi guys, I have just put on a biturbo and the difference in speed and sound from the engine is incredible.

The next major project I want to tackle is changing the oil in this targa. The Mickey mouse picture in the owners manual is quite deceptive. I'm wondering if someone has a clue as to what the actual bolts to be removed are and what the optimal level of atf fluid is. Seems that either I am not bright enough to figure this out or the manual is in TECHEASY for technicians with a doctorate in little info.



Re: Oil Change Tomos

Reeperette /

Oh it's actually easy...lemme hit you with it.

Get a funnel, a cut-down straw, a drain pan and some 10w30 or ATF dependin on what it calls for.

Put the straw into the funnel and tape it up real good, cause you'll have to fit that into a very narrow fill hole.

On the LEFT side of the trans cover is a level checking screw, it is near the middle and recessed slightly, you can tell it's the right one cause it's the only one with a paper washer (do not lose that washer.)

Unscrew that one.

Now, put the drain pan under the trans and remove the large screw on the bottom, it should be obvious which one it is from it's position, because where it is, it can't be holding the trans together.

(You will know it's the right one, too, cause once you loosen or remove it, oil/ATF is gonna pour all over your hand, no matter how fast your reflexes are, have rags handy.)

Now drain that puppy out.

Now, remove the TOP screw that looks just like it, and without replacing the bottom one, push the modified funnel so it will direct the fluid into the hole...and pour about half a cup of fluid in and wait for that to drain, this flushes the trans bottom and any grit and stuff.

Now, replace the bottom bolt, and fill, slowly, until the fluid just barely starts to seep from the level check screw hole.

Lean the bike so it stops seeping, and quick-wipe the hole with a paper towel, and replace the level checking screw.

Now, lean the bike back and replace the top screw, and wipe down with paper towel or rag, and check screws for tightness and leaks.

It's fairly simple once you've done this a couple of times.

Hope that helps,


Re: Oil Change Tomos

Ron Brown /

Read your comment on the funnel/straw combo.

If you have a 90W oil bottle around, the cap with spout attached will fit any standard oil or ATF plastic bottle. Much easier to pour as you can squeeze it out and it even comes with a cap to re-seal it.


Recommended Oil Change?

Ataristyle /

I have a '98 Tomos Targa LX. I've already changed the Trans oil once after the first 300 miles. I'm curious How often I should change the oil now. Is every 1,000 miles correct? How many months also should I go before changing the oil. Interested in so I can keep this bike in working great for a long time to come.

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