so im moving out to the bay area...

east bay. emeryville/oakland. end of july/beginning august.

i know the creatures are in SF and the landsquids are in sacramento. any riders in the east bay?

i also need to find a ped mechanic. so if anyone is in the east bay, cool. if not, ill probably see if i can make my way up to rafter for some help.

thanks in advance!

Re: so im moving out to the bay area...

no way to say this nicely. this is not an opinion this is a fact.

the creatures have never seen one mopeder last more than a couple months max in oakland.

it depends on where you live in the east bay obviously. but you better stick to your neighborhood if you find a nice one.

i'm not saying oakland is like a the hood or anything, you arent gonna get shot. but all i have heard is horror stories from people who got rocks thrown at them, bikes mangled, etc etc. shit i hear horror stories from skateboarders.

stay smart. learn which streets to avoid, lock your shit up indoors.

oakland has tons of things to offer. its a really cool city with lots of history. shit my dad lived there for years during the 70's and i have heard amazing stories. its just not the same place anymore.

i really dont wanna be mister poo poo party im sorry dude. you are from chicago you know what im talking about. dont expect smiles and waves lol.

Re: so im moving out to the bay area...

no groms no blasters /

oakland's hella tight. don't let racists tell you otherwise.

Re: so im moving out to the bay area...

ughh its not racist. i have hippy parents remember? peace and love we are all red inside.

if he was moving to a city full of purple skinned, jehovas witnesses who happened to throw rocks at mopeders i would warn him too.

oakland can be awesome. but oakland is not a place where you can ride your MOPED where ever you want or leave your bike unattended.

Re: so im moving out to the bay area...

no groms no blasters /

Whatever, dude. Hippies drove Volkswagens. Huey P Newton rode an Allstate.

Re: so im moving out to the bay area...

I live in San Leandro (right next to oakland).if you need mechanical help with your ped I can help. I mostly know puch's and moby's but I am willing to try to fix anything.


Re: so im moving out to the bay area...

you do realize that there are 30 times as many moped riders per capita in sacramento right? a city the exact same size as oakland.

there are 29 registered users here from oakland. 3 of them have logged in THIS YEAR who own mopeds. there are a couple "looking for suped up rides" and the rest havent logged in in YEARS.

Re: so im moving out to the bay area...

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

Oakland scares me, andI dunno if I'd want to ride around there. Stockton was scary (rocks!) and oakland seems scarier to me. Thats whats nice about the south bay, you can go anywhere with no worries. Its all pretty safe. If you go the wrong way in oakland you might get into some uncomfortable situations. I could be wrong, but I'd be scared. Call me a racist or whatever, but once you drive around the bad parts of oakland and get eyed up, there isn't much motive to return.

Any particular reason for the east bay?

Re: so im moving out to the bay area...

§ćŗάτçλmªřċ • /

peabe's profile pic:

i hazard to say he'll be just fine, following harold's precautions, of course.

good luck with the move, dude!


Re: so im moving out to the bay area...

lol i tried to ride into oakland from sacramento and got pulled over by cops 3 times, and almost had my bike impounded. Hey its defiantly different over there, and u won't have a moped crew unless u start one, which would be hella cool.

Don't worry about ppl throwing stuff at u or watever it happens in SF too and lots of places, it doesn't matter what neighborhood ur in its usually just kids being dicks, wear a full face and have a fast bike

If you move to oakland and have a fast bike I'll give u mad props if u ride it over the bay bridge to SF thats 10 times more scary than riding around in oakland. 8.4 miles of 70+ mph freeway action with half of that uphill from the oakland side and no shoulders

o yeah baby!

wherever u move u gotta get into SF and come ride on some moped mondays. how come u don't just move to SF? too expensive?

Re: so im moving out to the bay area...

Peabes ped will be killing it when its dialed in. Simo + Athena. I think you will be fine in Oakland once you know the best routes. BUt for reals lock your shit up out of sight or lose it. As soon as you get to town let me know and I'll make a trip out to the bay to run errends and get your shit tuned.

Re: so im moving out to the bay area...

no groms no blasters /

Hey, Zack: I'm not too cool to buy a Solo engine from a racist! Give me a call when you get off of work.

Re: so im moving out to the bay area...

if its anything, we're actually moving to emeryville. how is it out there?

harold: thanks for the heads up and concern. not too worried, ive lived in the "hood" and shady parts of chicago at times and im not too worried. just need to be smart about it.

steve: im sure harold just means well. thanks tho.

jeremy: thanks man!

zack: cant afford SF. our buddy is letting us stay with him for a few months and im gonna focus on my painting to build a body of work.

scratchmarc: haha, one vote of confidence at least.

elliot: my girl, friend and i will definitely try to make it out on mondays. we actually wanted to hit up 1977 as soon as we got settled and what not. yeah, just cant afford SF right now. im gonna focus on painting and hopefully make it into more galleries in SF.

rafter: thanks man! im totally gonna need your help man. its driving me insane!! haha. damn airleaks. my girl, friend and i definitely wanna get up to sacramento too and cruise.

im part of one show so far on august 8th at neon monster/fabric8 if anyone has heard of them. should be fun, maybe ill see some moped riders there?

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