1977 Mopeds S.F. Grand Opening

What a wonderful opening.

Dan and his followers did yeoman's work getting the new shop put together and shipshape. Wine, appetizers, and a great group of people.

Best wishes to Dan and his new shop.

Re: 1977 Mopeds S.F. Grand Opening

Hellarad Johnnny Johnnny /

where is it?

Re: 1977 Mopeds S.F. Grand Opening

it's on 16th and mission.

the store is awesome. if you haven't already checked it out, CHECK IT OUT. will be going back soon. congrats to dan.

Re: 1977 Mopeds S.F. Grand Opening

Dan Webber Kastner /

Thanks for everyone coming out and celebrating such a big night with us. Congratulations are also in order for my business partner, and co-owner of 1977 Mopeds: Patrick Turner. Without him, 1977 couldn't happen.

Thanks so much for everyone who put their sweat and sometimes blood into building the new shop. Emily my wife, Graham the slave driver, Josh, Emily, Lee, Noah, Justin, Dom, Annelise, Bill, Craig, and all you others out there. Thank you, thank you, thank you! SF has a moped shop!!!!


Re: 1977 Mopeds S.F. Grand Opening

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

What are the store hours going to be? I want to come by tuesday.

Re: 1977 Mopeds S.F. Grand Opening


we need pics haha

Re: 1977 Mopeds S.F. Grand Opening

super good times. SF is getting radder everyday.

my moped saturday was like this

11am: start cleaning the house before mopedhead comes to party/crash

3pm: visit benji at his new treat-street location. super rad. run into the reno crew. also a super super rad crew.

8pm: get call from sunset riders, WHERE YOU AT?

9pm: arrive at 1977 mopeds, get blown away by the new store. meet and hang with equally rad folks. the 77s crew did an amazing job on this place. they really busted thier balls in the last few days to put it all together. had an amazing time, and the store is unbelievable.

10pm: intern wants me to punch her as hard as i can in the arm. i refuse. i let her punch me as hard as she can in my arm.

10:01pm: intern misses and punches my straight in the ribs, trys again and punches me in the chest, punch slips, lands on my jaw. intern (sylvia) punches like a girl

11pm: load up the bronco with 11 people and drive to the 77s after party at the creatures warehouse. dance-athon ensues. JELLO shots and dj's while someone was playing subspace on a wall sized projector screen.

11:30pm: cut a rug with cute lesbian couple, grind with craig, robot with josh, hang with some SQUIDS.

the greatest moped saturday ever..until seattle that is...

Re: 1977 Mopeds S.F. Grand Opening

Just wanted to say congratulations to Dan as well. Good seeing m-b'kane again!

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