Re: O/T any eagle scouts here?

Edward Richardson /

The Royal Rangers were the group in my town. Our leader tried to mold us heathens into something respectable, while parents let us roam wild.

O/T any eagle scouts here?

Jerry Franek /

I earned my Eagle with 21 merit badges at age 16. Proud moment for me. That and working at scout camp each summer and the OA were a big part of my teenage years. Later, stationed in Italy, I served as a scoutmaster for career soldiers kids. Used a jeep and copter to search for camping sites. Always scheduled a 5 mile hike on Saturdays when barracks inspections were ordered. Sadly, neither of my sons got interested. I think it's a generational thing and also locations vary in the quality of the experience.

Re: O/T any eagle scouts here?

I am an eagle scout, i dont remember this eagle packet though, I guess it wasn't that hard then. Maybe ill dig out all of my old paper work when i get home tonight and see what your talking about. It def is one of my biggest accomplishments though. Man up and do it.

Re: O/T any eagle scouts here?

hmm. I've never heard of a girl joining boy scouts. My dad was a scout master and told me I couldn't so I took his word for it. Oh, well it's too late now and I still got to go white water rafting and camping on family trips so it's all good.

Re: O/T any eagle scouts here?

toe fur threadkiller /

i quit before reaching tenderfoot.

glad i did.

Re: O/T any eagle scouts here?

I'm an Eagle Scout.

Scouts was the funnest thing I had as a kid. We camped once every month for six years. I live CO, so that was fun. Don't make fun of scouts. It give kids something fun to do and they learn alot.

Also, don't piss them off, or they'll ties you to a tree (using like 12 different knots), and light you on fire with kindling and flint and steel.

Dude, I have no idea how to do the packet, that was 15 years ago. Ask a recent Eagle to show you and get your parents to help write it.


Re: O/T any eagle scouts here?

My son went out to Philmont two years ago, and that was a great experience also. He was in a very good troop, there will be about 8 Eagles coming out of it - with a tremendous leader and a good group of assistants - that makes a big difference.

I think it gives the kids confidence, they have a lot of fun at camp, they learn a lot and it requires persistence over a number of years to make Eagle. It might not be cool in your later high school years, but once you're past that you'll always be gald and proud that you accomplished it. Go for it!

Re: O/T any eagle scouts here?

If we had girls here joining in the 70's I might have joined as well. heheee

Re: O/T any eagle scouts here?

actually you just need a "project" that "benifits" the local community. you also need to have all the nessisarry badges, and other requirements, the only reason i know all that is because i sit upon the review council for the local boy scouts (i have no kids... it's funny what you end up doing to date a girl)

but yeah an essay outlining your project, and how it will benifit the area is a good start; If you need, break it all down into categories, that always helps me write essays when i bothered to go to school.

1:what is the project

2:how will it benifit the community?

3:what do you need for it's required completion



Re: O/T any eagle scouts here?

actually there is a local troop (all boys) and a "team" (co-ed) here. i don't see any reason why a girl shouldn't be allowed into a pack of boys who has their hormones revving at full blast, whatever possibly could go wrong?

Re: O/T any eagle scouts here?

Well good news my eagle project was approved around 815 pm last night. And i am amazed how many scouts are on here. But yes i totally agree scouting has been the best and funnest thing i ahve ever done, i even attended National Jamboree in 2005 it was hot as hell but fun as hell.

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