Black Sparta Madness

This is what I did today. I found this bike a few months ago when someone wanted me to fix it for em - I did, but fell in love with it.

When he showed it to me I said "is thie Andrew bait?'

Took a while to rebuild his carb without carb cleaner, it was full of 15 year old gas, but we did and he was stoked to hear it run. Didnt think he would ride it though.

I called the dude - he's had in since 77 and he was finally ready to let it go, as long as it stays mine and i keep it. Thats not gonna be an issue.

I love sparta's, but I REALLY love the black and chome ones , and in particular the 1977 models that have the huge headlight and the speedo off to the side.

This ones a rocker, but she's slow as shit, i need to put an unrestricted pipe on it and do a some more tinkering.

Tank is like freaking perfect inside.

<a href=""; target="_blank"><img src=""; border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

I love the chrome view over the handlebars:

<a href=""; target="_blank"><img src=""; border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Re: Black Sparta Madness


You have the coolest bikes! She's a beauty.

Re: Black Sparta Madness

Oooooo! I love that! Gorgeous!!

Re: Black Sparta Madness

Freakin amazing.

Re: Black Sparta Madness

Andrew That is awsome

Re: Black Sparta Madness

you lucky dog that thing is freaking cherry.Id baby that sucker if i were you.

Re: Black Sparta Madness

That chrome is almost too much to behold. I thought my Streetmate was chrome heavy. I wouldn't have a problem parking a ped like that, in a corner of the living room, over the winter. That sure is a keeper.

Re: Black Sparta Madness

There is so much chrome its crazy.

Streetmates are heavy, but sparta's are easily the next heaviest moped. All hydralic suspention all round.......Rock.

Ive had my eye out for this for months. When i first saw it i almost freaked out.

Its not totally perfect. Tommorow it gets new rings and a decarbonation... and new tires are in its future like every ped i own.

But its a sight in real life thats for sure.

Rings, new carb tommorow, new g3 pipe, ROCK.

Re: Black Sparta Madness

By the way - baby is all i do with sparta's. Or just ride them and have fun.

The puchs are for going fast.

The moby's are for climbing hills

the Garerelli is for rolling totally stock doing 32

But the spartas are for what im in it for sometimes, just rolling on the heaviest ass , coolest looking, nicest riding ped there is.

Re: Black Sparta Madness

Amen to that Andrew If i had more room in my boss's garage and she didnt complain Id own a shitload of them.

Re: Black Sparta Madness

Well for once, you could put a bunch together , but they wouldnt look like this.

Ive got 4.

This is mental great shape. Not a speck of rusti in the tank. The chrome is just sickening.

it only goes 22, so let me work on that.

but just to look at it is silly.

22 I can fix!

Re: Black Sparta Madness

If you replaced all that heavy chrome with plastic it would be a ton lighter and you'd go faster. I'd go for it!

Re: Black Sparta Madness

Dude , that's Purty ..............All that chrome is blinding !! Two thumbs up .

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