Brake plate ID?

This brake plate came with some snowflakes I bought, and won't fit on my Puch Maxi. Would anyone know what model it's from? Any ideas where I can find one that will fit my Maxi/snowflakes? Brakes are larger than spokes. Thanks!


Re: Brake plate ID?

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Pretty sure there were at least a couple different makes of moped came with the snowflake style wheel, Vespa and Sachs come to mind, maybe Motron, too... unfortunately they're not quite compatible with Puch, as you've discovered.

Kinda surprised forum members in your area haven't already contacted you with some leads (or do a trade) to get ones that'll fit.

Good luck.


Re: Brake plate ID?

Indian made snowflakes, too. I used to have some, but i forgot what the brake plate looked like. sorry.

Re: Brake plate ID?

Hmm...the wheels do say Puch on them though. Brakes are 90mm. Could the plate be from a Magnum or something?

Re: Brake plate ID?

That is an Italian brake plate, and are the wheels 16 or 17 inch? I have a set of 17" just like that, they don't say puch but they can be adapted, you just need to mount the front wheel with the brake pull on the right side and get a different cable or modify your original one.

Re: Brake plate ID?

The wheels are 17" and do say PUCH on them. The problem is the slotted arm that is meant to slide onto the fork doesn't fit the Maxi fork. Also the brakes are 90mm. Did the Puch Maxis that came with snowflakes have 80mm or 90mm brakes? I was guessing 80mm? Trying to figure out exactly which model Puch plate I need with 90mm brakes that will slide onto the Maxi fork. Thanks!

Re: Brake plate ID?

What you need is 349.2.40.707.0 BRAKE COVER PLATE,copl.[replacment for 349.1.40.707.0

Re: Brake plate ID?

Thanks Patrick! I don't see that exact part for sale anywhere though. Have to call some places, I suppose..unless someone has one laying around? Thanks for the help! : )

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