Off Topic About Wining

This place is getting to me. Whine whine whine. I'm even whining now.

Glad it's summer, so I'm not couped up here!

Get on your bikes and ride!

Re: Off Topic About Wining

wining i figured you meant whining.

Its John McCains surrogate he says were a country full of whiners MAN UP

20 bucks how stupid

Re: Off Topic About Wining

Oh woops I did put down wine. I meant "whine." Wining and Dining 'til she got no more juice, and we call it a truce. How oh wow did that make her loose!

I'm outa beers, and it's too hot out for wine, so I'll ride down for some more beers with frolics in mind.

I'd stay and whine, but I ain't got the time. If you come over to bowl, don't forget your dime. Screamin' shime all the time. Climb to the hyme. Rhyme for a lime in my Corona or yours. I see it when ya opened your drawers. Limey and grimey; slimey and on me. Often picked but seldomly kept, I popped of my head, fell down and slept. Night and days crept. Then I woke and lept. Scraped my knee on the tree that was by me, you see. Free the Dee Free the Dee Dee DeeZy! Dee Free of Montanee needs to pee. Shakey leg, shakey shoe. If I had an egg I'd make some goo. Then I'd offer it to you. That's what I'd do, if I were begging you to chew the goo, til you were black and blue.Would you?

Re: Off Topic About Wining

dr deezy, related ton dr seuss

you need to make this a little longer and illustrate it.

with or without w(h)ine.

Re: Off Topic About Wining

Yeah. I fucked up the headlight and quarter panel on my car today. i want to whine about how much my life sucks and i don't have the money to fix the car, seeing as how i spent all of my money on my moped. but i'm not going to whine. not here anyway.

Re: Off Topic About Wining

Damn deezy thats a creepy pic.

Re: Off Topic About Wining

BryAn eurism /

I don't mind winning so much. It's better than losing

Re: Off Topic About Wining

i got two batavusses running today

i've got enough awesome to spread around.

Re: Off Topic About Wining

DeeZwhine: I'm still not happy with this summer's Moped Army forum!

Boring... Nothing to gawk at, nothing to laugh at.... I think I'll whine and wine and cry a moped tank worth of tears.

Oh,and no one's missing me..... waaaaaaaaaa!


Re: Off Topic About Wining


Jeez, you ain't quite right, but don't ever change!

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