2 Stroke Moped Miles?

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I am curious to what miles everyone has on their 2 stroke mopeds. The most I've heard of on a Tomos was 16,000 (The guy at Scooter Therapy told me). I have a '98 Tomos Targa LX and plan to keep it for 20+ years or at least 25,000 miles. Will this be able to make it that long? I know 4 stroke engines last longer than a 2 stroke. What repairs would i have to make to my bike if I kept it that long? I have a BiTurbo muffler, 27 tooth sprocket and a #56 jetted carb.

Please state your Moped Make, Model and Year. Thanks everyone!!

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Re: 2 Stroke Moped Miles?

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When my Bullet was struck, and mangled, the Odometer had rolled over a couple of times, but it's easy enough to figure out, 100 Miles a week (which I did at the time) bought in August 1989, wrecked August 1992 = about 20,800 Miles.

The engine did about 2700 more than that after I dismounted it from the wrecked frame and hooked it up to a 1974 Tomos Koper rear with a 78 Puch front end (The frankenbike).

So, all in all about 23,500 Miles...and the Engine still ran when I moved and was forced to leave the frankenbike behind.

Frankly, I don't know ANY way to wear out a Tomos engine....if they ever made cars, the auto industry would be in it deep.


P.S. - You shoulda seen the dealers face when I brought it in for the free 3,000 mile servicing, less than seven months after purchase.

Re: 2 Stroke Moped Miles?

i have a 2000 tomos targa, with turbo muffler. bought it new in 2001. my work commute is 28km a day. since feb of 2001 i have put over 8500km tto date. the motor performs great, i have had problems with the signal wires and headlight wires. they need to re think there wire hook ups. also the kick stand is very dangerous, it last only a very short time. i have replaced the kick stand 3 time as of today. generally speaking i do like the moped, i have drove mopeds for over 10 years, kind of an expert, when you tell tomos they have a saftey concern they need to lissten. the canadian gov,t has forced them to recall thier mopeds for breaks and lines that are unsafe. also the plastic parts don,t last. ii will be driving my tomos for many years and miles to come, i will let you know thew out come!

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