$750 gas can

craigslist/ebay is getting a little ridiculous with overpricing.


"with gas can"

I'm pretty bored right now, maybe I'll call the guy and give him a hard time.

Re: $750 gas can

lol... jawa + gas can = 800.

That gas can better be 200 gallons.

Re: $750 gas can

Is the gas can full of gold??

Re: $750 gas can

You got it all wrong, for $800 you get a Jawa with a free mint Puch Magnum with 5-stars, seller forgot to mention this on the craigslist ad.

Re: $750 gas can

ha ha ha

Re: $750 gas can

welcome to mass craigslist.

Re: $750 gas can

There is a dude near me that has been trying to sell a Jawa for $1400 for a while. Recently went down to $800.

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