puch m3 restoration

hi all im new to the forum so i thought id put some restoration pics up , i hope the pics come on ok its the first time ive posted so forgive me if they dont



Re: puch m3 restoration

fucking sweet!! yes I said Sweet

Re: puch m3 restoration


Re: puch m3 restoration

some more pics

when i got it

semi build up

99% done

as she stands today from start to finish it took 7 months

all comments wellcome

Re: puch m3 restoration

Good, but could you at least polish it?- yeesh! ;)

Excellent job. A beaut!

Re: puch m3 restoration

dude, thats awesome. honestly one of the nicest bikes i've ever seen. nice job!

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SO... SHINY....

puch m3 restoration

Awesome. I have several old Puchs myself. One day, I'm going to restore all of them. An incredible amount of work went in to hat, that's for sure. Is yours the same one that is on the Main Page of this site? Question, what did you use to polish the engine cases? I've tried a couple of different procedures but haven't been able to get a shine like that! What's your secret?

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Hot damn!

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wow nice

looking good

Luke Evans /

well done that looks really nice i especially like the white walled tyres, i had a puch m3 back in 2002

i was 16 at the time and needed a learner legal 50, i ended up selling it later that year because it kept seizing up on me and i needed the moeny for another 'more reliable' bike, it was a shame becuase i was the second registered owner (since 1974). after i had sold it i regretted it, so last year i bought an ms50d that ive started restoring hopefully ill be able to take it to the same standard as yours!

this is it at the moment.....

its 1969, and cost me a fortune, like you ive had loads of parts from rinkytoys.nl, Rinke is a top bloke



Re: looking good


Re: looking good

hi thankyou for all your comments on the bike

firstly i would like to put some more pics up of the bike but im not sure how to do it?

its been pretty hard to restored but thankfully rinke came to my aid!

the engine was polished with a polishing kit the type you put on a drill after that i used diamond paste up to 12000 grade, it took a while to do but i had a 7week wait on the rechrome,

my friend resprayed the bike a bmw colour, but a good match to the original colour.

i always wanted to restore a c50 honda but my friend was given this buy his aunt, she bought it new and did 350 miles on it before she put it in a shed !!

there it stayed till 2007,

thanks again for the great comments



Re: looking good


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