Re: How to join a gang?

***Kim Jong illest*** /

joe i will definitly take you up on that.

Re: How to join a gang?

Edward Richardson /

Its good to know make friends with the hotel security. I'm in a band and one evening we're having a little jam

session in our room (unamplified and low volume) and this punk teenager who's parents had ditched him for a night on the town, decided to try to get us kicked out. Unknown to him we'd already given the security a pack of cigs because he was out and made friends with the night manager. So we could do no wrong.

Re: How to join a gang?

muffin in the middle?

Re: How to join a gang?


Re: How to join a gang?

Go find Brennen O. and bitch slap him. I'm sure they'll let you in after that.

Re: How to join a gang?

asking how to join a gang is probably the best way to ensure you won't get into a gang.

why would you want to join a club without first deciding if you even like the other people in that club?

if it's purely about status then it's never going to happen.

it's all about hanging with a tight crew of people that you love and love you. otherwise it's pretty pointless.

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