100 mile yard sale

ok so there is a 100 mile yard sale in my area. (100 mile stretch of road with houses having yard sales)

and i am going to look for a ped all today.

hoping i can find a 25$ ped that just needs a carb clean.

other then spark and a clean tank. what should i look for?

Re: 100 mile yard sale

Compression duh.

Dude, I want to go to a 100 mile yard sale.

Theres bound to be at least 10 peds in 100 miles of houses.

Re: 100 mile yard sale

The world longest yard sale is coming up in August. Right around Brodeo, actually, I think.

Re: 100 mile yard sale

i hope thats how it goes.

right now i think i am going to bum money off my dad.

and pay him back pluss some for his investment.

that is if i dont fall inlove with all of them haha.

i am not to worried about paperwork. i probably should. but if they have been in a garage for 30+ years and are being sold for 20 dollars. i dont really give a flying fuck if it has a piston lol. i know someone on here needs parts. i can always do that.

i have my eyes set for a swinger, pinto, magnum (ofcourse), kreiger(sp?), corba. but everything is far game.

a variant would be cute to haha.


Re: 100 mile yard sale

there's about 50 miles of garage sales one weekend every august near my house. it's where i got my first bike, my '82 NC50 for $40. still the most reliable bike i own!!! there was also an urban express, but they wanted too much. wish me luck this august. hoping to find more cheap bikes!

Re: 100 mile yard sale

Brentus Sioux y Cycle /

That sale in August spans hundreds of miles and is several states long. I think if you google longest yard sale in America, you'll find it.

Re: 100 mile yard sale

There could be a 500 mile yard sale in Montana, and maybe ONE moped would be there. Oh well, the ones I seek usually find me anymore. I hearone calling my name about 20 miles away from me, but I still haven't even gone and looked at it. I hear it's a earlier 50's Allstate, as it's maroon. It calls my name everyday, and this week I hope to finally go out and rescueit it from a scrap-iron pile. It may be poor... it may not be bad. I have no idea. All I know is, it's out there waiting patiently for me.

I wish garage sales and yard sales here had more than junk lamps and picture frames that are falling apart.

I'm gonna have a yard sale soon, and I will have a pile of antique goodies to just sell, since my house is too tiny, and I want a bowling lounge, not a storage room! hehee

I may sell my Peugeot 102, but only if I had the main bearings changed out. Then I'd ask $400. It used to really haul! I would definitely pick up garage sale mopeds for cheap prices, but I'd only keep a certain few. I know alot of people around here that want them though. Oh... It's 4:20.......

Re: 100 mile yard sale

have fun with that and good luck what did you clean your bedroom and your mommy give you 50$

Re: 100 mile yard sale

fuck off.

Re: 100 mile yard sale

For real, that was a fucking lame as comment jason.

Re: 100 mile yard sale

thank yoiu

Re: 100 mile yard sale

yeah, a lot of the younger dudes on here are idiots, but this guy is headed in the right direction. lay off.

good luck at the sales dude, i hope you find some cheap bikes!

Re: 100 mile yard sale

i didnt find anything. i did see a rad old school bmx bike. the ones with the real skilly frames (like a hutch) forget the brand but it was almost worth the rediculous 25 dollars. it also had spoke covers that make the wheels look solid. now that i think about they would have looked pretty sick on a moped with spocked rims.

kinda bummed. :| but after about 30 miles. and 50 yard sales with only naked barbie dolls and old roller skates i came to the conclusion they must be in their basemen! :)

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