ot: keith sweat.

other then the fact his stuff is a little synthasizer it is pretty sexy.

i mean anything that can make me want to make love to my self is hott!

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Re: ot: keith sweat.

BryAn eurism /

I wanna go outside in the rain but I just got paid, it's Friday night

Re: ot: keith sweat.


This was my jam back in the day. I had the "Nobody" single on cd. Got it in the same trip as Warren G, "I shot the sheriff". Singles. Old school awesomeness!

Re: ot: keith sweat.

I went into a record shop the day after thanksgiving and asked if they had any singles on sale. I was told that the last single they sold was by Paris Hilton. I never even new she sings. I never could figure out why i never heard of Paris Hilton and then she is all over the media. I would like to go into a shop and have them download me a single on a cd, i heard Starbucks was going to do this , but not in my market.

Re: ot: keith sweat.

Стев Браун /

Keith is pretty crucial.

I'm in the middle of going through my BDK collection this afternoon.

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