Should I trust oil injection?

Just bought a great little Suzuki FA50 from a garage sale. I think that it's a 198?. It has a separate tank for the oil and the gas. I'm wondering if I should trust it.... are they generally reliable? Anybody have experience with oil injection on this type of bike?

Also, the ignition system is not working... no key, no lights, no horn. It starts no problem with the kick-start, but I'd love to fix the ignition in order to have turn signals etc... Does anybody know how I could do this? Could I take it somewhere that would fix it for me i.e. is it a simple problem?

Thanks for all your help, from a novice learner...


Re: Should I trust oil injection?

See Ya Moped Army /

I wouldn't trust it. Better to be safe and pre-mix it according to the manufacturer's oil/gas ratio. Be sure to disable the injection system.


Re: Should I trust oil injection?

chuck russo va /

just remove the oil lines, and then plug the hole for the oil lines on the intake manifold wiht jb weld or epoxy,

about the not having nights, look behind the ignition switch, there should be 2 wires going to it, pullthem out or cut them, then install a toggle switch between the 2

No on that 'ped you shouldn't !

Reeperette /

The stock mixture on that moped is generally very screwed up, I would suggest pre-mixing at the proper mixture, which is 32:1, that being 4oz oil to 1gal gasoline.

Also, you might wanna go to a cooler plug, currently some folks on the forum are experimenting on Fa50's, so use the forums SEARCH feature to find what info is available, and expect more when some folks finish various trial-and-error stuff.

That way we all benefit from the experience/information.

Also try Freds Guide under RESOURCES as a basic start to getting it running.


Re: No on that 'ped you shouldn't !

Thanks for the advice Reeperette. I will be doing a search to learn what I can. It seems to be running pretty darn well, it accelerates beautifully, but I'm not sure what the top speed is because the speedometer is messed up (it's showing me going over 60 km/h but it doesn't feel that fast). I just wish the electrical system was working because I really would like the lights and turn signals and horn. It seems like somebody lost the key, so they were using a screwdriver or something because the key hole is enlarged and messed with. Now I think that somehow it has been over-rided because it starts fine with the kick-start. Any ideas on where I could go to get that looked at? I called a couple of motorcycle shops but they seem to scoff at mopeds around here...

Re: No on that 'ped you shouldn't !

how do you start it up with ignition not working


Reeperette /

Nick, there's a "safety" feature there you prolly lucked out on, and properly activated by accident, which might explain intermittent starting.

The REAR brake lever must be FULLY depressed in order for the moped to start, see ?

Make a note of that.


Where's the VIN?

Thanks for the help!

Anybody know where I can find the VIN number on this thing? I've looked around but no luck.... it's probably in an obvious spot that I'm just overlooking...

So anybody know where the VIN is on a FA50?


Re: Where's the VIN?

its on the front fork. I believe on the left side. There is a plate where the 1st 7-9 digits are engraved, and the full VIN is engraved on the fork itself.


Re: Where's the VIN?

Thanks robin!

Re: Should I trust oil injection?

Here's what I have been thinking about doing with my FA.

I was thinking about disabling the oil injection ..

.. running pre-mix only ..

.. and running hoses from the oil tank into the gas tank and having BOTh tanks be gas tanks.

So I would have twice the gas tank range .. before fill-up .. (or close)

All my other motors tun pre-mix .. I'd rather have them all the same .

Re: Should I trust oil injection?

That's a nifty idea! Let me know how you make out...

Fred.....BRILLIANTas usual !

It's ideas like that which make me miss this forum even more.Kudos,and HELLO EVERYBODY! Way to go,Fred! don-ohio (:^)

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