voltron, jedi or big pussy??

furda jksc /

ok voltron sence your claming to be a jedi and you wont put your real name you should email me if you a real jedi you know who i am . but if your the big pussy that i think you are im wasting my time because your not a jedi any way my email is vespa420@hotmail.com

ps when trying to be a jedi please try to a little witty and think about what your wrighting so you dont sound so retarded


john furda

jedi knights s.c

Re: voltron, jedi or big pussy??


jksc SF chapter

you know who i am,

email me.

seriously i think these pussies

should be erased.


Blue Lion

Fire it up!

Re: voltron, jedi or big pussy??

furda jksc /

your in sf is this carlos??? you big ass hole

Re: voltron, jedi or big pussy??


Re: voltron, jedi or big pussy??

Simon King /

You know this guy? If you're willing to i'd like you to email me personally about this situation. Do you have any idea what is trying to be accomplished through this shit?

Re: voltron, jedi or big pussy??

ok if that is carlos you have to go to san ffran to kick his ass but im not to sure if it is illl find out and if it is we will kick his ass next time we see him...... so you know we jedi like you guys so lets stop bickering with each other on the fourms we know that its not any jedi from michigan and if it is carlos i think that hes the one talking shit to us too thats the kinda dork he is he loves to talk shit and gets a little out of hand sometime but hes still going to a old fashed ass kicken if it is him.

john furda


Re: voltron, jedi or big pussy??

Simon King /

actually, it turns out that it can't be Carlos - since he's from Chicago according to some IP address research. Check the other threads to see what I'm talking about -

Re: not named after a child's toy

Harry Bullochs /

I remember hearing somewhere about the fate of a bike thief who hijacked a motorcycle taxi in South Africa and killed the driver. He didn't get far before a bunch of the taxi guys stopped him. As I recall, all the bike taxi drivers in the area got in a posse, tied him down, and drove over him. Needless to say, he didn't survive the experience.

I'm not suggesting anything, it was just an amusing image that popped into my head of a huge line of mopeds trying to drive over someone. I wonder if the batavus could lift itself up and over someone, or if it would need a good head start (and a ramp!). I also wonder how many times you could drive over someone with a moped... probably quite a few.

Power to the Pipe! Swarm and... dammit, get the ramp. Can someone give me a push?

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