urban express deadlight?

more dumb newbie questions, i read somewhere not to start honda express w/out battery hooked up or it wlll blow the headlight, is this the case for all peds that have a battery? should this be common knowledge to a motorcycle mechanic? (the only guy in town who would work on my urban express) im not sure if he blew it out last week and i didnt notice until last night, (was gonna be my first ride at night), or if there is something else to look for. it worked before i took it to him, all other lights work (dimly, weak/dead batt), fuse in batt. box is good. anything i should check before i put in a new light so i dont blow it again?

thanks again

Re: urban express deadlight?

Check the fuse to see if it is still intergral. This may also be better suited for the repair forum.

Re: urban express deadlight?

yeah, oops. sorry, guess it started as a general question, then got more detailed. i have ADD. fuse is good.

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