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so i have a 78 hobbitpa50-1 and i just bought a pa50-2 engine off ebay for it, and a new exhoust pipe... now, the motor goes 30, and the pipe adds 5-8 mph to it, so, i should be going 35-ish, (as soon as i get a new carb) but what i want to know, is if i buy a 70cc kit for it, how fast will i be going?

i heard about 50 or 55, but idk if i can believe that... any one know for sure?

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did you change the variator?

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well, no... i should probably look into that... to tell you the truth, i dont even know what a variator is... man, im such a noob >_>

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I'm equally a noob, so if anyone who KNOWS disagrees, believe them.

The PA 50 I variator will limit your top end speed in comparison to a PA 50 II variator, even if your engine becomes more powerful. The plates of the variator squeeze together, increasing your gear ratio. It appears that the PA 50 II variator drives the plates together more forcefully, resulting in the belt riding higher and you getting a greater gear ratio.

After you're running with the stock variator, you might consider adding mass (fishing weights?) to your current variator's weights and seeing if that suffices for your purposes. Otherwise, you can read the article in the Wiki about 20mph and 30mph variators and what you might do based upon that.

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The internal gears in your rear hub will limit you most of all but the performance ones are hard to find for sale.

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