how many miles

assuming you don't beat the shit out of it and do standard maintenance, how long does a moped (new like a revival) last? how many miles before engine goes or whatever.

A scooter guy at a shop here in chicago said to NOT buy a moped because it only will last a little while and scooters last a lot longer.

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Re: how many miles

a scooter is not going to last any longer than a tomos they all need maintenance. and if it is chinese than the tomos will prevail.

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a tomos will last 30 years if kept right or 15 if beat on but keeping maintenance up. a scooter will last 3-4 if kept right and 4 months if beet on with regular yearly check ups and changing the oil

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Scooters have less parts unlike mopeds if a scooter breaks your screwed unlike a moped that almost everyone of the out the has endless parts

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they both last long... people who say mopeds last 30 years arent talking about mopeds that are still stock and are rode 100 miles a day every day for 30 years..

a new tomos like a revival will last longer than you will need it.

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