Omaha Riders

there's a few of you. i'm in town. i saw a yellow hobbit and what looked like a blue general... a green tomos, too i think. reveal yourselves.

also.. if you like spooky shit, i'm setting up a "ritual" in hummel park next week

go to this:


it would be so fun to ped up there.

Re: Omaha Riders

bizzump. still here. sitting.

Re: Omaha Riders

Are you serious you dont know what you are playing with. There are things that should be left alone. Playing with spirts will hunt your dreams.

Re: Omaha Riders

oh trust me, i already realize this fully.

i am completely prepared and capable for what is about to happen, physically and metaphysically.

if anything, it will be more a cleansing of the site.

Re: Omaha Riders

YO! Ryan from Omaha here! Sounds spooky! And awesome. I have to get my carb back on, then I'm set. Wed night yeah? I'll see if I can swing it.

Who else is going?

Ryan "I Quit The Scene" Kingkade

Re: Omaha Riders

We've got a group of 6-7 guys riding Puchs here in Omaha. I'd ride hummel. I punch ghosts.

Re: Omaha Riders


i don't think i can ride up there- i have to get the generator, set up the P.A., and test out all the shit. i AM up for riding later in the week though, assuming that i am in town 'til next sunday. let's see if i can hold out that long.

the afterparty will be at the Alpine Inn on Ponca... probably the best place on the planet.

here's the bands myspace:

hope you dig the black arts.

see you there!

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