HONDA Hobbit PA50-II

Just got one of these, runs awesome, red in color, 3800 miles....

Are they good bikes? Anyway to get them over 20mph?

Whats it worth?

Re: HONDA Hobbit PA50-II

PA50II is great. They're pretty fast stock and have some nice performance parts available. I'd say they're worth a solid $500 anymore.

HONDA Hobbit PA50-II

the pa50-II is definitely supposed to operate over 20 mph. What year is yours? Are you sure it's not a PA50-I ?

those models are only capable of 20mph stock.

If it is indeed a pa50-II, there are some solutions,

changing spark plug, cleaning the carb, cleaning the air filter... basic maintenance stuff

Re: HONDA Hobbit PA50-II

Yeah, i havnt done anything to it... I know it is a 50-II....

Havnt even looked at the plug yet...or the intake...

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