honda nc50, nu50, na50, pa50 question

curious if all these variants basically mean the same thing as far as the moving parts go?

curious cuz i want to buy a performance kit and a pipe.

then i saw this on ebay:

an thought, all this stuff must be pretty much the same.

is it?


honda nc50, nu50, na50, pa50 question

The cylinders are the same, I think the reeds, carb and cranks are all different

On the NC and NU50's, you might need to take a dremel to the fins so it'll fit against the crankcase

Re: honda nc50, nu50, na50, pa50 question

Leon Swarmer /

bottom ends different, drive systems different, exhast different. They all have lights though.

Some parts off a 'vette will fit an Impala.

Re: honda nc50, nu50, na50, pa50 question

i'm real interested in doing this, i have access to a vertical mill that i could use to take off the non-clearance of the fins.

still trying to figure out everything i need, and need to be able to do before i get started. so far i read i will need to upjet, so it doesn't seize. thinking this has to do with the carbuerator and getting it to give more oil and fuel. not sure where the jet is at yet though. cuz i think i can definetely get it bored out.

Re: honda nc50, nu50, na50, pa50 question

i notice others here speaking of engine numbers like the tomos a55. it got me thinking maybe the nc50 had a number to it that other honda peds shared. so far i don't see anything so my guess is it is only built for the nc50 but shares similar characterisics with a few of the others.

thought it might help in finding performance parts, like a pipe and carbuerator (if i'll need one), along with that link for the cylinder.

maybe this is a bad idea?

i do have it running pretty damn well. there is only a gogola googala putt repeat sound when riding downhill @ about 25mph WOT, rides at about 20 uphill, then around 22/23 on flat.

Re: honda nc50, nu50, na50, pa50 question

gogola googala putt

Re: honda nc50, nu50, na50, pa50 question

they all share the "50" because theyre all 50cc. since the 60s, honda has stated the engine size in the model number. the honda C50 and Z50 are also 50cc, and share NONE of the same engine parts, because they are both 4-stroke.

Re: honda nc50, nu50, na50, pa50 question

i didn't realize how thick what i wrote seems. thanks for showing me that.

in my kinda of off way of writing, i meant to ask more about what main parts like the carb,top end,bottom end from the nu50, na50, pa50 and otheres from this time period, are mostly interchangeable. i noticed that exhaust pipes will fit between a few of them, but i don't know about all of them.

then from scouring parts schematics explosions, i am quite impressed to see a lot of the small parts are interchangable, some wiring stuff like a flasher relay i replaced is interchangable with a bunch of honda from that period.

this is more or less what i meant.

Re: honda nc50, nu50, na50, pa50 question

Cylinders, piston, heads, and with that kits are interchangeable between some the honda 2 stroke 50's. PA/NC/NA/NU all use the same bolt pattern and stroke. Exhaust for PA's will work on NC/NA/NU's but other then the Proma Lowboy you'll need to loose the kickstand.

Carbs? not sure; anything with an auto choke can suck a dick though.

Re: honda nc50, nu50, na50, pa50 question

i dont mind the auto-choke on my express....except in the winter when it takes a good minute and a half to get it running correctly...

the exhausts on almost all the expresses are interchangeable.

cyls not the same

Fred Melonhead /

the cyl bore dim's might be the same

But the cylinder FINS on the PA's are definately larger than the others

(which is better in generalb - for cooling)

... ha ... but now I can't remeber if the mounting stud loc is the same or not

It would be great if all the top end parts were swappable ... pick the best head ... best cyl ... best carb ... best piston ... etc etc

just small improvements in all those areas individually ... and you'd have a pretty quick bike ... from all stock parts

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