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***Vanilla Thunder*** /

i know where your coming from focus, but i dont support hollywood or DC comics in anyway. most every movie nowadays is garbage anyway, id rather not pay, but thats just me. make mine marvel!

Re: The Dark Knight

I hate those bullshit PSA's where they show some salt of the earth Union set builder or stunt driver and have him talk about how if you download a movie you're stealing money from his family.

Union = hourly wages. It's not like the union stunt man gets a royalty check every time you buy a copy on DVD.

Re: The Dark Knight

Amazing. Totally worth preordered tickets and an hour wait in line for good seats for! Can't stop quoting.

Re: The Dark Knight

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

I don't know if anyone can top Ledger's performance. I wouldn't mind if they just stopped with this one. I mean, who can they follow up with now? The Penguin? The Riddler maybe? Or a 2nd movie with the Joker? They could have a close proximity to Ledger perform the role, but it would be an incredibly tall order. That had to be the best acting I have ever seen. The mannerisms, his speech, his personality...all scream a nihilist jumping head-first into Nietsche's abyss. Holding a rope attached to your waist.

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