1979 indian

hey all i'm new here and have a quick question. I just picked up a great lil 79 indian from a neighbor. Was missing the fuel petcock and hadn't been started in almost 20 yrs. I rigged up a slightly ghetto petcock swapped the plug and within 3 cranks she fired up. Well thats my story and here's my question. I'm applying for a title (he had none and was never registered) and need to know how it goes. i know it's a 79 is the make american moped and model indian? or would the make be indian and the model be something else? Also from what it looks like the indian petcock is like the holy grail of moped parts but anyone happen to have one laying around? Thanks in advance


Re: 1979 indian

make: Indian

model: AMI-50 Chief

looks good!

Re: 1979 indian

ps...post in the buy/sell for a petcock. hoppeness might have one.

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