Attn: PA mopeders

Has anyone ever tried the following to get a title for a non-titled moped? If so, did it work out and how much did it end up costing you? Thanx!

Transfer ownsership ('sell' your moped on paper) to someone in a state requiring only a notarized receipt to title and/or register a moped, or for that matter, any vehicle old enough to avoid requiring a title. States like Maine, CT, Mass, MI, DE, and NY have allowed this in the past.

Some state DMV's are beginning to require a VIN tracings, photos, or additional inspections (visual or possibly other) of the vehicle. I would suggest verifying this first by contacting an appropriate state's Motor Vehicle or Registration Office (answers to questions are free).

After this person legitimately registers the moped or acquires a new title or transferrable registration card, they can 'sell' the moped back to you, signing off properly as the seller, with a new notarized receipt to you, the purchaser.

PennDOT / PADMV will accept this out-of-state paperwork, as long as it's all notarized properly.

You will also need a VIN tracing, printed VIN photo, or Certified PA Inspection Mechanic's VIN verification on Form MV1.

WARNING! - This will NOT work if there if it conflicts with ANY title or registration history on file for the vehicle within 10 years (I'm told) at PennDOT / PADMV.

Re: Attn: PA mopeders

Re: Attn: PA mopeders

Perfekt Timing Angel /


Got me a title for my bike when I lived there by using the above process. A State Trooper had to come to my house and run the VINs on my bike(s).

You also have to have proof of insurance before submitting all your other paperwork. I had my tags and was legally out riding in 5 days.

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So, how much did this end up costing you? I'm assuming you had to pay the registration fees in the non-titling state and then the same + the titling fees in PA. Did you have to physically go to the non-titling state to have things notarized, or did you just do everything through the mail?.........Sorry for all the's just that I've got a newly tuned up Pinto on my back porch and I want desperately to ride it.

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Re: Attn: PA mopeders

re-bump for ya. i'm going through the same process right now.


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Perfekt Timing Angel /

MD doesn't require shit for mopeds. No titling, no registration, no fees, no plates, no nothing. You don't even need to wear a helmet. All ya need is a driver's license or a moped operator's permit. No notarization was required on my Bill of Sale.

The most important thing was a copy of MD vehicle exemptions. They made a copy of this at the title agency. It basically says MD doesn't require shit, in fact you CAN'T register or title a moped. This is considered your leverage that PA can't do anything about but get you a title.

There were a few forms, and I've heard that these forms are no longer in circulation, but I don't know if that is true. You'll have to do some homework on that.

As far as costs...You have to pay 6% on whatever the buying price of the moped - $100 = $6 in state tax. You have to pay insurance which is anywhere from $5-$15 a month. There was a $24 title processing fee, a $9 registration fee, and a $40 fee for a tag and title agency to handle everything for me. That can be omitted, but at the time, it was worth every penny to have THEM haggle with the DMV.

I think that was it for the fees. There might be a plate fee in there, too, but I can't remember. Exluding the price of the bike and insurance, you're looking at about $50 without the help of a tag and title agency.

Email me if you have anymore questions.

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Wow! Thank you so much! This should prove to be very helpful. Now I just need to make friends with someone who lives in MD. and wouldn't mind owning my mopeds for a brief period of time. Come to think of it, I'm going to be in Ocean City, MD. in a couple of weeks....anyone out there live in Ocean City? I'll be there for a week, so that should be plenty of time to get this done. I'll even buy ya a drink!

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should talk to the peeps at moped junkyard

Re: Attn: PA mopeders

and if you chambersburg kids read this...

hit me up. i lost your #.

Re: Attn: PA mopeders

Anyone know how to get ahold of those cats, or should i just hit up their website?

Re: Attn: PA mopeders

the store is at 7203 Costal Hwy Ocean City, MD 21842

dooger, angel (aka angryclothespin) is the unofficial tattoo artist of moped rallies. she lives close to newark...and she is super rad. if you head back home, you should look her up.

angel, i miss you...please tell me you are headed here for meat us halfway in the fall. topher promised that he will be here for a whole week. danny is coming from the heros...and all the buffalo need branding.

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