To the cop who pulled me over

I thought I got the last laugh when you told me to push my bike to 'wherever you're going now".

Seeing that I had almost 15 miles to go....there was no fucking way I was pushing it. So I got off, pushed it to the park, started it again, pushed it with the engine running to the Alewife on and rode home.

Karma, however was on your side as Super Moby fucking DIED as I rolled into Concord center. Wouldn't fucking start again.

So...your wish was partially granted as I was exhausted from sprinting with the damn thing for 15 mintues (on and off, obviously....) and then coming to the cold realization that I was indeed going to have to push the fucking thing for the last 2+ miles.

PS: thank you for riding your friend's bike today and not yours as he for some reason didn't have any traffic citation pads on the bike.

Me 1

You 0

Re: To the cop who pulled me over

LOL, sad state of affairs, check your condensor.

Re: To the cop who pulled me over


Why did the cop stop you? Thank sucks! It is hot out also!

Re: To the cop who pulled me over

Yeah, man....

Well, super Moby goes almost 60....and I was going around 50.

The speed limit wasn't too bad, I was probably speeding. He obviously knew that Super Moby wasn't supposed to go that fast.

I'm going to have to register it as a motorcycle. Oh well. Whatever. I was planning on getting my M1 anyways.

I still can't believe I didn't get a ticket for:

1) no registration (although it has a bogus California plate off a Peugeot 103....I think that saved me because he didn't want to run an out of state registration)

2) speeding

3) illegal road bike

4) no mirrors

Re: To the cop who pulled me over

Man! He just did not want to be bothered with a lot of paper work.

Re: To the cop who pulled me over

At least your not in jail.

Re: To the cop who pulled me over

Cops around here are getting smarter about Mopeds too. Have a biturbo = get pulled over and hassled.

Re: To the cop who pulled me over

wow, ben. so lucky the cop wasn't a jerk and didn't impound it.

Re: To the cop who pulled me over

i've been pulled over for speeding on a stock moped b4 lol. 35 in a 25 haha.

an once on my superbecane doing 50+ in downtown SF, going to work int he morn by a moto cop. he was cool and just told checked my license, when he saw the M1 he smiled, said keep it under 50 in town, and took off.

Re: To the cop who pulled me over

no groms no blasters /

Where the heck were you?

Re: To the cop who pulled me over

I'm lucky. Theres a smoke screen of drunken frat boys riding scooters, text messaging in one hand throwing up poorly executed gang signs from the 80's with the other, carrying a roofied highschool girl on the back on the way to his frat house for an all night Dave Mathews/Phish rock out/date rapeathon. So long as you mind your own biz and don't drive on the sidewalks too fast and keep some sort of plate yer all good. Thats an awesome idea for the out of state late though.

Re: To the cop who pulled me over

ive been pulled over 4 times on moped and have been let off each time. I was doing 50+ on my puch past a moto cop yestarday and my friend and i about crapped our pants when he flashed us the downward peace sign it was sweet...

Re: To the cop who pulled me over

Boy do I love living in CT when it comes to peds! Back when I used to 'rent' my friends Targa,which is kitted and only had an exhaust header, I would fly by cops doing about 40 with the bike fucking screaming in second. You could literally hear this bitch from about two blocks away.

None ever said anything or even made eye contact with me.

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