A Diplomatic Mission to MopedArmy.com

Transmision Begin...

I am Red-6 of the Jksc and I am visiting to warn you all of the shinanigins that have been afoot.

Im not sure but I think an independent party may be plotting us against eachother. I have been unable to ID the sender of "you suck" but have looked into it. I am also unsure if one of yours has been talking shit on our forrum or not.

if it is your soldiers, Call off your dogs.

Our clubs stand for similar principles and a rivalry seems silly.

I think a few of our's and Your's were hanging at the Small Brown Bike show.

anyway it would be foolish for you to take on the JKSC as you would be surely destroyed.

I hope we can work this out.

as an offering I advise anyone who cares to check out the Ann Arbor News as there is a Puch of some sort or another listed for sale and has been for several weeks.

Fire it uP!


End Transmision...

Re: A Diplomatic Mission to MopedArmy.com

Hey, no need to sound threatening. As far as I know, none of us have assaulted your site. We have been getting several hits from a "VoLtRoN" who claims to ride a Vespa. And we figured out that "you suck" was not a Jedi Knight member.

Dan said he rode w/ some of your members. We have no problems w/ scooters in general (I used to own a Razz until some punk as kids stole it and trashed it).

As for who would destroy who ... ;-) But that's all pointless. I think we shoud find out who this third party is and bring a party that way ...

Re: A Diplomatic Mission to MopedArmy.com

darth n8r, jedi knight /

here, here,

"this bickering is pointless!"

darth n8r


ps - this site rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: A Diplomatic Mission to MopedArmy.com

The word will be spread. Towards spring, we will try and get with you guys to organize a ride.


Moped Army

Swarm and Destroy.

Re: A Diplomatic Mission to MopedArmy.com

furda jksc /

well it sound like every one thinks thats its a therd party lets just find out who and and have our way with them haha

ps miguel just so you know we jedi are a classic scooter club vespas, lamberttas, dercops, ect. we dont ride razz, sprees, elets, and what not just so you know


Re: A Diplomatic Mission to MopedArmy.com

yeah you dumb fuck!!!

classic scooters not gay boy bicycles.

let me see what you pussy

"army" kids got!

I seriously think we (the jedis) should reconsiter

riding with these pussies.

Who the fuck is Optimus Prime?

That pussy fuck has issued an SOS

on jedis or any scooter kids?

You fucks are seriously asking for it.

Learn to take a little ball busting,

before you seriously try to sound tough.

I for one will not ride or will ever be down

with your pussy asses.

furda i think we should

go over this issue


Blue Lion

Ann Arbor

Re: A Diplomatic Mission to MopedArmy.com

Reeperette /

Yo Dan, see if you can get em to come memorial day weekend.

I intend to be there myself, and prolly bring some steaks too.

As for weenie-boy, as I said before, My upgraded Targa could mop the floor with his Vespa, so I don't think he's got any room to run his mouth, especially since mouth is all he's got.


Re: A Diplomatic Mission to MopedArmy.com






Re: A Diplomatic Mission to MopedArmy.com

Simon King /

Hello Red-6.

Thanks for the official update regarding the Jedi Knight position on this problem. I believe that we are dealing with a third party that for some reason wants to pit us against each other. I can guarentee you that it is not anyone within our ranks. There has been small amounts of joking in the past about a rivalry between the groups in michigan here, but nobody feels any "serious" animosity toward the jedi's.

I've finally got an ID on this guy. He seems to use AOL from home, but he made the mistake of posting at work, and i grabbed the IP address. Here is the info:

IP Address:

This is a Sprint Dedicated IP that belongs to:




Can you fill me in on who is associated with the Chicago branch?

Also, he seems to know a bit of personal information about me and some other members, things that may or may not be obtainable from web resources, which is a nice sort of clue. He keeps dropping them, serial killer style.

Anyway, glad we're working together on this - but what's with the slight attack at the end of your post -- Our motto isn't Swarm and Destroy for nothing....

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